Chris Young called an ‘a–hole’ by fellow country star Elle King

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Elle King called Chris Young an “a–hole” after he allegedly yelled at her partner to “come get your wife!”

While filming Blake Shelton and Carson Daly’s new show, “Barmageddon,” on USA Networks, the two country singers were pitted against each other in wild bar games, including “air cannon cornhole,” “keg curling” and “drunken axe hole.”

However, according to a witness, things got tense between Young, 37, and King, 33, as she started to win and talk smack.

Young allegedly addressed her fiancé, Dan Tooker, who was watching from the audience, and told him, “Come get your wife!”

The source — who was at the recording back in April 2022 — claimed, “I can’t hold my tongue about how that country singer Chris Young treated Elle King. He talked down to her because she’s a woman.

“I’m sure the network will cut it up to make him not look that bad, but once she started kicking his a– in the bar games and s–t talking like the guys were doing, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was seeing red.

“He called her names and then even yelled over her head to a guy who was with her that he better ‘Come get your wife’ — what was he even gonna do?  So stupid. The whole crew saw and heard it.”

The interaction was not included in the final broadcast, which aired last week.

However, when recently asked who was the most competitive person on the series, host Shelton told ET, “Chris Young,” as Daly added, “Chris Young was very competitive.”

Despite the incident remaining out of the episode, King addressed the alleged sexist comment and explained why she had named her latest album, “Come Get Your Wife.”

“The title of this record came because some famous asshole tried to shout ‘Come get your wife’, and I was like I’m not even married, just because I was kicking his a– in a game. I was like, ‘Ha ha wouldn’t it be fun if I called my record that?’ So I did,” she wrote via Instagram on Monday.

She also added on a separate Instagram post, “Remember that one time I was beating some a–hole at a game and he yelled, “Come get your wife!” to my partner!?!? And I’m not even married! Lol. Thanks for the album title, babe 😉.”

A rep for Young, his record label did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment. Nor did King’s reps.

A rep for USA Network, owned by NBC Universal, didn’t get back to us either.

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