Chris Brown ‘Ecstatic’ Rihanna & Hassan Jameel Split: Inside His Plan To Get Her Back

Now that Rihanna is a single lady again, her former love Chris Brown can’t wait to win her back once and for all. We’ve got the details behind his plan to marry her.

Rihanna‘s 17 month romance with Saudi billionaire businessman Hassan Jameel has come to a sad end and her ex Chris Brown is ready to swoop in and make her his lady again. The 29-year-old singer has come a long way since he violently assaulted her after a pre-Grammy party in 2009 and is ready to prove himself to RiRi, 30. “Chris is ecstatic that Rihanna and Hassan have officially split up. He was very worried they might get married and that would have left him destroyed. But now they’re done and for him that means there’s still hope,” a source close to Breezy tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He knows getting Rihanna back is a long shot but he likes a challenge, he’s so up for it. Chris has plenty of women in his life but no one really has his heart and it’s starting to seem like he’s not going to give it to anyone while Rihanna’s still on the market. She’s the one he wants to marry and now that Hassan is cancelled, Chris wants to finally get his Hail Mary shot with her,” the insider continues.

“He’s got a plan to win her back. He knows her family still has a soft spot for him so he’s hoping to get them to help him. He started already by sending gifts to her grandfather for his 90th birthday. Chris got to know Rihanna’s grandfather when they were together. Chris got a thank you message back from her and that’s a big win. With the holidays coming up Chris will have a good excuse to send more gifts to everyone to get them all talking about him again. The best gift will be for Rihanna, he’s already started shopping for that one, he’s gong to go all out,” our insider adds.

Chris has shown over the years that he’s never really got over his first true love. He’s been caught creeping on her Instagram liking sexy photos of the “Wild Thoughts” singer and started re-following her again in June after initial reports that Rihanna and Hassan were on the rocks. While Ri hasn’t responded to his wooing of her, now that she’s single again maybe his efforts will pay off this time around.

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