'Chocoholic' mother drops five stone in four months

Chocoholic mother who ballooned to a size 20 after having three babies in three years loses 30kg in four months thanks to a gastric sleeve and healthy eating (and still enjoys a sweet treat!)

  • Mother-of-three, Allison Smith, 27 from Wagga Wagga, weighed 19st 9lbs 
  • Difficult pregnancies caused the disability support worker to balloon to a size 20 
  • Her doctor advised her to undergo gastric sleeve surgery to drop the pounds  
  • She says the surgery is ‘the best thing she’s ever done’ and feels more confident

A chocoholic mum who gorged on two family blocks of chocolate a night has shed nearly five stone in just over four months by kicking her sweet tooth. 

Mother-of-three Allison Smith said she reached her heaviest weight of 125kg (19st 9lbs) after difficult pregnancies caused her to balloon to a size 20. 

The 27-year-old from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, kicked her nightly chocolate habit and has since dropped 30kg (4st 10lbs) in just over four months. 

The disability support worker now feels more confident than ever in her new 95kg, size frame – and has even worn shorts outside the house for the first time in six years. 

Disability support worker Allison Smith, 27, from New South Wales, said she now feels ‘more confident than ever’ after losing 30kg (pictured after weight loss)  and has started wearing shorts again in public 

Mother-of-three Allison Smith, pictured before losing weight, reached 135kg at her heaviest. She said difficult pregnancies caused her to balloon to a size 20 

Keeping up with the children: Allison, seen here with her family, says she is able to run around with her young children more easily now, without getting out of breath

Describing herself as a ‘chocoholic’, Allison (pictured here after losing weight) underwent gastric sleeve surgery and radically overhauled her diet to drop the weight 

Allison said: ‘I just got to a point where I had had three babies in three years, and I wasn’t looking at myself in the mirror. 

‘I wasn’t happy with myself, and I wasn’t living life to the fullest. I didn’t want to go to events because I didn’t have anything that would fit me. 

‘I also felt people were looking at me and were thinking “Oh geez she’s put on a lot of weight”. 

‘I felt embarrassed of how big I was, I was not confident at all. ‘

I tried every single diet under the sun and was spending all this money on all these programs to just fail every time. 

‘The surgery…was the best thing I’ve ever done’, says Allison, pictured here before losing a staggering five stone in just over four months

Allison would snack on nearly two blocks of chocolate a night, eating doughnuts, chips and biscuits throughout the day before losing weight (pictured post-weight loss)

The former chocoholic says she is ‘on the road to where I want to be’ after shedding the weight and changing her eating habits

Allison said it was ‘very confronting’ when her doctor warned her about future health issues due to her size – but that she is much happier now and enjoys inspiring others on social media

‘It was very confronting to have someone say that you’re going to have serious health issues if you don’t step up.’ 

Allison would snack on nearly two blocks of chocolate a night and she snacked on doughnuts, chips and biscuits throughout the day. 

Her main meals were carb-heavy and devoid of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables – consisting of dishes such as takeaway Chinese, pizza, fries, burritos or burgers. 

She said: ‘One hundred per cent I was addicted to chocolate, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to eat this again. 

Allison’s diet: Before and after losing 5st  


Breakfast: Toast, coffee, cereal 

Mid-morning snack: Doughnut, chips, coffee, biscuits etc 

Lunch: Garlic bread, hot chips, burrito or burger 

Afternoon snack: Doughnut, chips, coffee, biscuits etc 

Dinner: Pasta or pizza 

Dessert: 1.5 blocks chocolate 


Breakfast: Coffee, eggs, avocado, mushrooms. 

Lunch: Salad, veggies, eggs or chicken salad

Afternoon snack: Protein bar or fruit

Dinner: Meat and veg, tacos, curry and rice, home-made pizzas, or salads 

Dessert: One row of chocolate occasionally

‘I think I was so addicted to it mainly for the taste. Most of the time I was restricting myself with diets. 

‘I was telling myself I wasn’t allowed that because it’s a ‘bad’ food. 

‘When I failed at a diet or was about to start a diet, I would binge and try and eat as much as possible. 

‘Because in my mind I would be “starting a diet on Monday”, that would be the last time I was ‘allowed’ chocolate.’ 

After trying ‘every diet under the sun’ with no success, Allison’s doctor recommended she undergo gastric sleeve surgery to prevent health complications in the future due to her size. 

The super slimmer is now more confident than ever before and says she has the energy to be the best mother she can be for her kids. 

Allison is now inspiring her followers on her Instagram page, @lifeofalli.

She said: ‘I love being able to inspire others on social media. 

‘I’m way more energetic now. I run around with my kids and they’re enjoying it. 

‘My four-year-old said ‘Mum you used to not run around with us, and you used to get really puffed but now you don’t’. 

‘Now I wear what I want, not just what fits. 

‘I wore shorts for the first time in about six years recently and I had the confidence to wear the shorts out of the house. 

‘My son said to me ‘Mum you never wear shorts, but you should because you look so pretty’. 

‘I’m so glad I was brave enough to meet with the surgeon and go through with the surgery because it was the best thing I’ve ever done. 

‘Now I’ve finally succeeded in losing weight and am on the road to where I want to be.’ 

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