Charlie Sheen ‘Beyond Relieved’ Parents Found Safe Amid California Wildfires: He Was ‘Sick With Worry’

Charlie Sheen has been feeling extremely grateful since his parents, Martin Sheen and Janet, were fortunately found on Nov. 9 after going missing during the devastating California wildfires.

Martin Sheen, 78, and his wife, Janet Sheen, 74, have been found after luckily fleeing to Malibu, CA during the tragic Woolsey wildfires on Nov. 9 and son, Charlie Sheen, 53, is feeling like he can finally breathe. The actor was paralyzed with worry when he couldn’t find his parents for some time and even took to social media to ask for help but now that they’ve been located, he is thanking his lucky stars. “Charlie has just spent the most frantic 24 hours of his life trying to track down his parents, and he is beyond relieved that they’ve been found safe.,” a source close to Charlie EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “All of the worst possible scenarios were playing out through Charlie’s mind when he couldn’t get hold of his mom and dad, and he was beside himself with worry and grief, it was just terrible. Martin has always been there for Charlie, the thought of something happening to him was just too much to handle, and the not knowing was the worst part of all.”

Charlie realized his parents were fine after Martin spoke with Fox 11 and sent out a message to his children. “We evacuated early this morning from Point Dume around 9:30, and we’ve been here ever since.” the father of four told the outlet. “Emilio [Estevez], Ramon [Estevez], Renee [Estevez], Charlie…we’re fine. We’re at Zuma Beach and will probably sleep in the car tonight. We’re just fine and hope you guys are, too.”

It seems the scary situation has brought out what matters most to Charlie, which is his family. Since he’s caused his parents worry due to some of the previous difficulties in his life, he now understands how difficult that can be. “Charlie is aware of the irony of the situation–that after giving his parents a lifetime of worry and sleepless nights, the tables were finally turned—and now that he knows they are not in danger he is able to appreciate the humor of the situation,” the source continued. “But, last night was just terrible, Charlie was utterly sick with worry, and it really is at times like that you fully appreciate how much you love those nearest and dearest to you.”

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