‘Bras are only good for 30 days and then you should buy a new one,’ says expert

An expert bra fitter has shared how long your bra should last – and people are completely blown away by the answer.

In the clip shared online, expert Nicola Crook explained: "Do you know how long one of these should last? Three months? six months? 12 months?"

"Well actually it's 30 days – that is if you've only got one bra in your bra drawer and you're wearing it every day," she continued.

Viewers were totally astounded by Nicola's answer, with many admitting they were guilty of wearing at least one for more than a decade.

One commenter said: "What do you mean? Just wash it and wear it again." Another added: "If I spend £30 on a bra you best believe I'm wearing it for at least a year."

In response, Nichole said: "It is not that you can’t, you just end up losing the support as the fabric stretches out. If you have more than one bra in rotation your bra will last.

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!”, Nicola added.

While a third person wrote: "Mine last 25 yrs."

For others, their bras lasted as long as the material could keep the wire intact.

Many pointed out that buying a new bra that often would be pretty expensive, given that most good undergarments could cost annything up to £50/60. "I don’t have enough money for that," said one.

While another added: "Who can afford that? Hilarious."

"I'm not a millionaire sorry," and "I’ve had my Primark one for like 6 months," a third added.

Some have revealed that they often struggle when it comes to finding the correct bra, let alone the cost of it.

"There's just no way… They already are the bane of my existence and are way too expensive. Not gonna spend more on them," a person wrote.

"It lasts till I have money to buy new ones," said another.

For others, it's just not sustainable having to replace your bras on a monthly basis. “That is so wasteful!! Like think about the climate. If it does the job, why would you change it after 30 days?”, one wrote.

“The amount of money you spent on water and detergent to wash it every day can be used to buy a few more,” said another.


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