B&M is selling thermal dog blankets, crate mats and beds to keep pets warm this winter

B&M is selling a new range of thermal dog blankets, mats and beds to keep your furry friend from getting too chilly this winter.

The discounter is also stocking a thermal mattress which will be perfect for when temperatures start to drop.

They're all part of the WarmAPet range which starts from as little as £10.

Sadly you won’t be able to buy any of it online so you’ll need to visit one of B&M’s 600 stores in the UK.

You can find your nearest one by clicking here.

B&M has confirmed the thermal pet range is available nationwide now.

While most of the products are labelled as being suitable for dogs, we see no reason why they won't be good for cats, rabbits and other small pets.

It's also a good idea to compare prices in other retailers to make sure you're getting the best value for money.

Here's what you can find in stores:

WarmAPet warming blanket – £12

This blanket is ideal for keeping your pet warm and comfortable when it gets a bit colder.

It comes with a soft quilted top cover, thermal insulation and a cosy backing.

The blanket measures 120cm by 100cm so it's ideal for medium-sized animals.

We did find a thermal rug for slightly cheaper on eBay, costing £9.98 with free postage.

WarmAPet thermal bed – £15

Your pet will be nice and snug in this thermal bed, which comes with a soft quilted cover and a woven layer.

The bed has a heat reflective foil and keeps the heat with its thermal insulation.

B&M says it's guaranteed to provide constant warmth and it measures 50cm by 70cm.

The cheapest thermal bed we found elsewhere was by Fetch but this one cost £28.35.

WarmAPet thermal crate mat – £12

If your pet prefers to sleep in a crate, this thermal mat will make their nap time much more cosy.

Like the bed we mentioned above, has a heat reflective foil to lock in your pet's warmth.

It also comes in two colours, brown and grey, and measures 50cm by 70cm.

The closest price we found elsewhere was on Fetch, where you can buy a memory foam crate mat for £14.99.

WarmAPet thermal mattress – £20

As far as pet beds go, this one is pretty luxurious.

It's marketed as a mattress so it's plenty big enough for medium-sized pets.

Like the crate mat and bed, it comes in brown and grey.

The cheapest alternative is sold on eBay for £21.86.

Lidl is also selling a dog bed that keeps your pet warm but this one is more expensive than the B&M version at £24.99.

While Pets at Home is doing a range of Halloween costumes for dogs with prices starting from £2.

Pets at Home is also selling a thundervest to help dogs calm during thunderstorms.

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