B&M has slashed the price of its garden storage box from £100 to £40

B&M is selling a garden storage box for just £40 – which is more than half price.

The storage box, which was originally £100, comes in grey and black and is perfect to keep inside or outside, depending on where you need it most.

There’s also space for a padlock, so if you need to keep expensive gardening kit inside it’ll be safely locked away.

It measures 110cm by 130cm and 740cm and has a volume of 845L.

It's been reduced to £40, meaning shoppers are saving £60.

The box was spotted by a mum who posted about her bargain buy in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

She said: “My first ever bargain, B&M £40 down from £100 and I love it.”

Another shopper wrote in a comment: “ We have one and we store out recycling and food bins in them. Stop flies an seagulls getting at it all. It's a godsend.”

One added: “You lucky lady. I’ve been looking for one since we first went into lockdown.”

The box isn’t available online so your best bet is to head to your local store and see if they have them as stock may be limited.

You can find your nearest branch using the store locator tool.

Groupon has a similarly styled box with a lid, which also can be locked easily, which is on sale for £39.99 – just 1p cheaper than B&M’s box.

Its width is 117cm, height is 54cm and is 51cm deep. 

It has a capacity of 320L too.

Meanwhile B&Q has an outdoor storage box which is 117cm wide, 57cm high and 45cm deep. 

It has a slightly smaller capacity with 270L and is plastic but has been designed to look like it’s a wooden box.

It’s £35 and is available to purchase online, with a £5 delivery fee, or you can buy it instore.

Click and collect is free. You can find your nearest store using the store locator tool.

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