Black Friday Deals Revealed – Thanksgiving & Cyber Monday May Have Better Prices On These Goods

So you’ve been waiting all year for the famous Black Friday sales. Well, what if the year’s biggest sale is not all that it’s cracked up to be? In fact, Dealnews dug into their data and found conclusive proof that Thanksgiving deals are better than those of Black Friday. And even more surprisingly, they found that Thanksgiving beat Cyber Monday by the tiniest of margins.

Dealnews’ director of content marketing Lindsay Sakraida told CNBC in 2017 that “Black Friday is still very strong, but a lot of the big deals are going to go live on Thanksgiving Day.” She echoed this exact sentiment in 2018 proving that Black Friday’s deals come second to those of Turkey Day.

“Technically, as a single day, Thanksgiving is better than Black Friday.”

Stores Are Expecting Big Sales So Shop Around Earlier

According to Finder, Americans are expected to spend $90.14 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, which is a massive increase from last year’s projected spend of $59.57 billion. Their research also finds that three-quarters of Americans are planning to make some purchases on these big shopping days.

But it seems as if the biggest deals actually begin way earlier than Black Friday and Cyber Monday with stores beginning their sales offerings earlier in November prior to Thanksgiving. These retailers try to get ahead of their competition by offering their deals earlier. Sakraida recommends that shoppers already start comparing deals from the Monday before Thanksgiving in order to take advantage of the best prices.

What To Buy At Thanksgiving

The data shows that certain items historically price lower on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Dealnews reports that they posted 31 percent more of their top “Editor’s Choice” deals on Turkey Day compared to Black Friday.

For “most types of electronics, Thanksgiving tends to have better deals. We’re predicting Turkey Day will have the best deals on smartphones, speakers, tablets headphones and video games in 2018.”

What To Buy On Black Friday

Although many stores advertise their can’t-miss deals as a once-per-year Black Friday deal, the data proves that this is untrue for most categories of goods. However, these product categories tend to have the best prices on Black Friday.

“Black Friday will likely be the best day to get deals on kitchen goods, clothes, tools, beauty products, toys, laptops and appliances.”

What To Buy On Cyber Monday

As for Cyber Monday, you can score the best deals on a new television or vacation offers.

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