Ben Simmons Isn’t Afraid Of The ‘Kardashian Curse’: Why He Thinks Other BFs Have ‘Suffered’

Ben Simmons is not letting the ‘Kardashian Curse’ theory bother him during his important basketball games and he’s not letting it stop him from dating Kendall Jenner.

Ben Simmons, 22, thinks every part of the “Kardashian Curse” theory is ridiculous and despite his Nov. 23 loss with the Philadelphia 76ers, he’s not letting it stop him from romancing Kendall Jenner, 23. “Ben doesn’t put any stock in the Kardashian curse rumors, it’s actually a standing joke between him and his team members and they all laugh about it,” a source close to Ben EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Ben isn’t superstitious at all, so he’s certainly not going to subscribe to some ludicrous idea that dating somebody in a certain family can damage your career. Ben is aware though of how important it is that he remains focused on his game, and he does, like a laser beam—even with Kendall sitting right there in the audience Ben can tune her right out and concentrate solely on the business at hand.”

In fact, Ben thinks the reason so much drama has happened with other KarJenner athlete boyfriends/husbands is because of the huge celebrity spotlight that they’re under and he’s not planning that for himself. “Ben figures other Kardashian boyfriends have suffered career wise because they’ve allowed themselves to get caught up in the whole paparazzi/ reality TV nonsense that goes hand in hand with dating one of the sisters—he’s too smart for that though,” the source continued. “Ben is all about the game, Kendall comes a (very close) second to that.”

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