Ayanna Pressley Danced to "Wobble Baby" at the Polls and Twitter Is Loving It

ayanna pressley

Voters are proving that joy is an act of resistance as they dance and sing their way to the polls this year.

Despite voter suppression across the country that has led to long, time-consuming lines, many people are posting videos of themselves and others making the most of it using #JoyToThePolls. Joy to the Polls describes themselves as "a non-partisan movement to bring joy to the polls and make voting a celebration."

On November 3, Rep. Ayanna Pressley was spotted in Massachusetts dancing to "Wobble Baby."


Earlier in the week, Patti Smith was spotted singing to voters in the streets of New York City.

During early voting in Philadelphia, a group of people dancing to the "Mississippi Cha Cha Slide" went viral.

Elsewhere in Philadelphia on November 3, a 90-year-old woman did a dance as she went to cast her ballot.

If you haven't voted yet, today is the day. Visit vote.org for more information.

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