Astrologer reveals what Halloween looks like for YOUR star sign

Will you get a trick or a treat this weekend? Astrologer reveals what Halloween looks like for YOUR star sign – with Taurus’ and Pisces’ facing uncertainty while Virgos should have a ‘Plan B ready’

  • An astrologer has revealed whether you are in for a trick or a treat this Halloween
  • Patsy Bennett, based in Australia, said we could all go through an uncertain time
  • But she noted this is more likely for star signs such as Taurus and Pisces

Are you in for a trick or a treat this Halloween? An astrologer has revealed who will experience utter sweetness – and those facing a weekend filled with tension.

Patsy Bennett, based in Australia, told FEMAIL that we could all possibly go through an uncertain Halloween – especially those with star signs such as Taurus and Pisces. 

‘There’s a frisson of uncertainty in the air because of Neptune’s strong astrological profile right now,’ she said. ‘And, while there’s nothing like a little uncertainty to bring out the best in us – it can also bring out the worst, if we’re not careful.

‘In the romance stakes there is a great deal of sexual tension in the air, and romance will peak – but the tension could also create volatility and even conflict, so be sure to channel emotions into constructive, fun activities, rather than get caught in a web of drama and intrigue,’ she warned.

Here, Patsy reveals what Halloween looks like for your star sign… 

Patsy Bennett, based in Australia, told FEMAIL that we could all possibly go through an uncertain Halloween – especially those with star signs such as Taurus and Pisces (stock photo)



‘Communications may be a little more complex than usual, making this a tricky time for you. 

‘Take the opportunity to explain your ideas and opinions if people seem less amiable than usual, as you may otherwise feel tricked into making an agreement you hadn’t even considered. 

‘Nevertheless, it’s likely you’ll gain a strong indication that you’re on the right track in life in general. But if the opposite scenario arises, take this as your cue to make changes. 

‘Be sure to make peace with tricky experiences and move on. Take healthy breaks that allow you to reset and unwind – and to treat both yourself and someone else to something special. A reunion could be the real treat.’


‘You’ll love touching base with close friends or family and your enthusiasm will be catching. You’ll enjoy handing out treats and, as karma works so wonderfully, you’ll receive a treat – or two – in return! 

‘And, while you enjoy a change of routine, if logistics are complex this Halloween, ensure you slow down and be sure to maintain a sense of peace and balance. 

‘Let your good mood radiate out and to positively influence everyone else. However, there is a degree of uncertainty around some of your activities and projects, so be sure to put your best foot forward and avoid drama and intrigue, or it could escalate.’


‘You generally prefer to steam ahead in life, particularly at Halloween, as you enjoy its sociable and fun aspects. 

‘But Mars retrograde will slow the pace slightly for you, which may prove a little frustrating. 

‘As you know, other people can see you as a tricky sign by nature, as in their eyes, you can appear to be inconsistent. And yet in your own mind, you’re simply open minded and adaptable. 

‘But if you have crossed a line recently, or do today, a trick you dish out – whether intentionally or not – could easily come back to haunt you. 

‘Luckily, you’ll gain the time and opportunity to get on top of issues that may be a little complex. And then you’ll enjoy the space to appreciate this fun yet magical time of year.’


‘Neptune is in a strong position in your chart and will add to a degree of mystery and spookiness this Halloween, which will create a slightly mystical or even surreal mood. 

‘If you’re lacking clear information or motivation, make it your business to get the info you need; you’ll be glad you did, because making assumptions could put you in a tricky position! 

‘And, if you’re looking for treats (and who isn’t?), look for the most productive way forward and avoid succumbing to drama or chaos, as these elements will simply disperse your energy and waste your time. 

‘As you’re a spiritual sign by nature, this is an excellent time to deepen your understanding of the mystical – which is a real treat you’ll love!’


‘There is a great deal of focus on your communication skills and relationships right now; so much will boil down to your values and your priorities, and to how thin you’re willing to spread yourself to keep everyone happy. 

‘Take the time for people you love, even if some seem eccentric or just plain odd. That said, if someone close keeps giving you mixed messages, it may be time to call time out. 

‘This Halloween, as the veil lifts between two worlds, you may gain insight about your best way forward into a fresh chapter. 

‘Be sure to treat both yourself and those you love well, as your intentions will come back tenfold and make your heart soar.’


‘This Halloween, to ensure projects go to plan, be sure to have a Plan B ready, as you may need one! 

‘Take the time to unravel conundrums before they turn into problems; you’ll feel much happier as a result – and won’t be lulled into a false sense of security. 

‘As you are so methodical and meticulous, you can feel frustrated when matters are unclear, both at work and in your personal life. 

‘So this will be a good time to find out where you stand, especially if someone has been hedging this bets. Financially, a little extra attention to the facts and figures will prove beneficial.’


‘You love balance and harmony, and you’ll appreciate the opportunity to gain both these qualities at work and in your personal life.

‘Be sure to inject this spookiest day with a little imagination and fun – and be open to a change in your usual routine, even if it means you need to re-schedule something else. 

‘You may simply need to go over old ground with a project to ensure its viability. A degree of uncertainty or even a mystery needn’t distract you from your goals, but you must keep your eyes peeled for tricky circumstances where you will need extra advice – or may be asked to provide help. 

‘It’s a good time to enjoy healthy treats and to make fitness appointments if you need advice.’


‘As both the sun and Mercury are in your sign, you’ll enjoy being at your passionate, charismatic best. The mystery, magic and sparkle of Halloween will add to the picture. 

‘But if you are unsure of your own feelings, it’s important to gain direction and certainty, because only then can you commit completely and passionately to projects and people, and direct your energy into your ventures most effectively. 

‘As this Halloween’s events may prove to be a little mystifying it’s important that you keep your feet on the ground and avoid distractions. 

‘Maintain a positive outlook – and then Halloween will be the treat you love! The spiritually minded will enjoy the night; but watch out for spooks!’


‘A reunion, return to an old haunt or a connection at work may be bittersweet.

‘You may even experience old emotions and sensations bubble up as if from nowhere, so be sure to keep perspective, as otherwise you could find yourself caught in dramas that are not of your own making. 

‘It’s a good time to research exactly what you want to do because otherwise, you’re liable to be swept up in events – and could well be left carrying the can. 

‘So, trick or treat today? You could easily be tricked into doing something or being somewhere you don’t want to be, so be kind to yourself and make a stand. 

‘Find a way to share the information you need to communicate with clarity, what you wish to negotiate and how you want to navigate relationships.’


‘You are the most grounded and well-prepared of all the signs, and dislike surprises as you can’t plan for them! You’ll avoid the “trick or treat” ultimatum for this reason: good planning. In fact, this is an excellent time to put plans in motion. 

‘That said, some things in life can’t be controlled. Your connection with a group, friend or organisation may require more focus than usual. 

‘For some, domestic circumstances will require more attention. Focus on the areas you can change; and minimise worry over those you cannot control. 

‘A trip or a development in your status may be up in the air, so be patient and gain information. Be sure to be super-clear yourself, or you’ll give mixed messages and could find yourself in a tricky situation.’


‘You’re the master/mistress of the unexpected, so what could possibly startle you at Halloween? You may be surprised! Keep an eye out, as a misunderstanding could lead to an unanticipated outcome. 

‘Unusual or out of the ordinary news and meetings are best kept in perspective. And, while this is generally a good week to get ahead with plans and ventures, especially in your personal life, if you encounter roadblocks, be sure to focus on your priorities. 

‘Ask yourself what – and who – is most important to you, and plan accordingly. Avoid financial and work conundrums by being precise and by planning ahead. In this way, you’ll avoid tricky circumstances you may not already be familiar with.’


‘Neptune and Jupiter in your sign will contribute to a degree of uncertainty in your personal life or a venture.

‘Look out for things that don’t add up this Halloween, because even someone as intuitive as you can be wrong-footed. 

‘Ensure you take things one step at a time, especially with shared duties such as at work, as you may feel particularly sensitive to change. Maintain focus on your big-picture goals. 

‘A domestic or family matter may require more patience before things fall into place. You’ll enjoy doing something different such as a trip or visits, and friendly faces will be a plus. Just avoid taking tricks personally today – they’re everywhere.’

Patsy Bennett’s new book 2023 Horoscopes is out now 

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