Asda Christmas 2020 opening times: When does the store open and close over the holiday?

LIKE most major supermarkets, Asda stores is changing its opening times over Christmas and New Year.

Last shoppers will need to check the festive hours to avoid wasting a trip to their local branch.

The opening times that most customers are familiar with will start to change from December 24.

The grocery giant has also joined several other retailers in closing their doors on Boxing Day to give staff the extra time off.

There are 630 Asda branches in the UK so be sure to check the opening times of your local one.

Here are Asda’s opening times during the festive period:

What are Asda's opening hours for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Asda stores will close early on Christmas Eve, with most stores closing at 7pm.

All stores will be closed on Christmas Day.

What are Asda's opening hours for Boxing Day until New Year?

Asda has announced this year that it will remain closed on Boxing Day to give frontline workers a two-day break over the festive season, despite it being the busiest time of year for the retailer.

Stores will return to their normal hours on December 27 until December 30.

What are Asda's opening hours over New Year?

The supermarket is yet to confirm its opening hours over New Year.

Last year, Asda shops ran reduced hours – most large shops opened 9am to 7pm on December 31.

Then on New Year's Day, stores opened much later, running a 10am to 5pm schedule to kick off 2019.

Opening hours went back to normal on January 2.

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