Ariana Grande Fans Think ‘Thank U, Next’ Video Will Be ‘Legally Blonde’ Themed After Pic With Jennifer Coolidge

Did Ariana Grande just tease that her ‘Thank U, Next’ will be ‘Legally Blonde’ themed? See her photo with the film’s very own, Jennifer Coolidge to see this major hint!

It’s no secret that Legally Blonde is one of Ariana Grande‘s favorite movies! But, could the popular film be the theme of her forthcoming video for her latest breakup anthem, “Thank U, Next”? Well, the singer, 25, got fans riled up when she posted a photo with Legally Blonde‘s own, Jennifer Coolidge, 57, on November 20. “new best friend …. thank u, next,” Ari captioned the photo, in which Coolidge is actually dressed as her character in the film!

While nothing has been confirmed yet, fans are speculating that Coolidge will star in Ari’s music video for ‘Thank U, Next”. Coolidge dons her signature top ponytail and curls in the photo, along with her signature bejeweled jean jacket from the film. Ari seemed to coordinate her look as well, wearing a pink feathered top and her statement ponytail. Like we said, nothing  is set in stone just yet, but it looks as though we could be getting a Legally Blonde themed music video out of Ari, and we’re obviously so here for it!

And, her fans are too! “THIS IS GONNA BE SO ICONIC HOLY SH-T,” one fan tweeted in response to the singer’s photo. “SHE’S GOING TO BE IN THE NEW LEGALLY BLONDE MOVIE. THAT’S WHAT SHE’S HINTING AT,” another suggested. “THIS VIDEO IS GONNA MAKE HISTORY I’M SO PROUD AND EXCITED,” another fan added.

Many fans even begged for Ari to have the iconic “bend and snap” scene in the forthcoming video. Others even requested she combine the video to incorporate, not only Legally Blonde, but Mean Girls and Clueless! — Can you imagine? Well, that might just happen, because Ari posted multiple photos from Mean Girls and Legally Blonde to her Instagram Story with the captions “Thank U, Next”, sending fans into a frenzy.

Ari’s been a fan of Coolidge for years — so much, that she’s even nailed an impression of the actress. During an appearance on The Tonight Show, back in May, Jimmy Fallon was so impressed by her Coolidge impression backstage, that he asked her to do it on live TV. “Best In Show is one of my favorite movies, and Legally Blonde, you know,” she explained before doing the impression. Ari recreated Coolidge’s popular line from the film, “I’m taking the dog dumba–!”

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