Are these the strangest designs EVER?

So there IS such a thing as a bad idea! Social media users reveal the bizarre and quirky creations that will leave you scratching your head

  • Social media users from around the world shared strange items they’ve found
  • Shareably rounded up the bizarre viral snaps in a gallery of ‘ugly designs’
  • One snap shows curtains which could be easily mistaken for large cigarettes
  • A woman knitted a face mask with the illusion of a rose in her mouth in another  

From curtains that could be mistaken for cigarettes to trousers with clear panels on the back pockets, these viral photographs reveal some of the strangest items that have been spotted around the world.

Shareably collated a selection of viral design fails from social media in a hilarious gallery, including interior mishaps and bizarre fashion choices. 

One snap shows an elderly woman who knitted herself a face mask with the illusion of holding a rose in her mouth. 

Among the amusing photographs are skin coloured leggings, a social distance bath tub for couples and a jug that looks like a character with a runny nose. 

Shareably rounded up a selection of viral images shared on social media by people from around the world who’ve been amused by strange designs, including a woman who knitted a face mask with a rose in its mouth 

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Smoke without fire! One person, whose location is unknown, shared an interior fail of hanging curtains that could be mistaken for cigarettes 

Another individual, whose location is unknown, took a photograph of trousers with a bizarre clear panel on the back pockets complete with sets of floral curtains 

A man who visited a bar with seats that look like the legs of a horse, sat blissfully unaware that he could be mistaken for a creature from Greek mythology 

Sleep walking! One homeowner, whose location is unknown, had their quirky bed with toes shared on social media

Another individual contributed to the gallery a snap of a measuring jug that appears to have a nose dripping with egg 

Cowboy boots spotted at an outdoor market appeared to have been made into DIY roller blades by their previous owner 

A driver who was fed up of their car being unable to fit in its parking space gave a gate a bulging design to squeeze into the space 

Modest dressing! A woman, believed to be from the US, was snapped shopping in a supermarket wearing leggings which could easily be mistaken for her skin 

One man appeared to have shopped in the tall section, as he stepped out in trousers with an extreme amount of excess material 

A couple, whose location is unknown, who appeared to be practising social distance were snapped in an unusual bath tub, complete with coloured lights 

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