Angelina Jolie makes Instagram debut to share stories of trapped Afghans

Angelina Jolie has joined Instagram, and while many celebrities are looking to sell products or post selfies from picturesque locations, the Oscar winner is using her new platform to speak for the voiceless in Afghanistan.

“I’ve come on Instagram to share their stories,” the actress and United Nations humanitarian special envoy for refugees wrote.

Jolie posted a letter from a young girl living in the country, now overrun by the Taliban amid the ongoing U.S. evacuation. “We all had rights, we [were] able to defend our rights freely, but when they came, we are all afraid of them, and we think all our dreams are gone,” the hand-written note from an Afghan girl declares.

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While U.S. officials are communicating with the Taliban and the group appears to be taking a moderate tone on social media, the girl is skeptical of their behavior. “Some people say the Taliban’s changed, but I do not think so because they have a very bad past,” she writes in the letter Jolie posted.

Jolie added, “I was on the border of Afghanistan two weeks before 9/11, where I met Afghan refugees who had fled the Taliban. This was twenty years ago.”

She continued, “It is sickening to watch Afghans being displaced yet again…” adding, “to spend so much time and money, to have blood shed and lives lost only to come to this, is a failure almost impossible to understand.”

Jolie concluded, “I will not turn away. I will continue to look for ways to help. And I hope you’ll join me.”

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