An off-grid farmer who lives with no electricity is on the hunt for a wife

An off-grid farmer in rural Kentucky with no formal identity is the star of a new YouTube video, where he shows off his very stripped-back lifestyle.

Now, he’s on the lookout for a new addition into his simple life – a wife to love.

For the past eight years, Titus Morris has been living in a remote part of the Appalachian Mountains with no electricity, mains water and no car. In the summer, he even swaps shoes for bare feet.

Now, in an hour-long documentary made by YouTuber Peter Santenello, Titus sheds light on what his day-to-day routine looks like and how he survives life in rural Kentucky.

With farming potatoes, doing laundry in the neighbouring river and feeding his horses among his daily tasks, Titus reveals his monthly expenditure is around $140 (£109).

His small income comes from training and shoeing horses.

His outgoings include $90 (£70) a month for a landline telephone, which has been installed in a shed by his trailer home so he can share it with a neighbour. 

He then spends around $20 (£25) a month on food for his dogs Sadie and Spartacus and another $30 (£23) on produce he can’t grow, such as bananas and Himalayan salt. 

After spending his childhood in a ‘very religious’ family, Titus decided to continue living as simple as possible, and follows ‘pure Christianity.’

While his parents have a computer and electricity, he decided to take things back to basics.

Another mystery is his formal ID – which Titus doesn’t have.

His parents got him a social security number for him as a child but he never signed it and later decided to revoke it. Then, his birth certificate washed away in a flood and he’s never had a driver’s license. 

‘I don’t exist in the eyes of the government but I do exist in the lives of people that know me and my Father in heaven,’ he said.

At the beginning of the documentary, Titus gives viewers a quick tour of his small home. 

He explains that it is a little messy, as he has had a friend staying with him. 

The open-plan home consists of a kitchen, dining space and an area to sleep. And, while he has a kitchen installed, none of the appliances work.

But this doesn’t really matter, as Titus disconnected the electricity when he moved in. 

There is a small outhouse as a toilet, and Titus has formed a dam in the creek, so a deeper pool of water serves as a bath.

During the summer, he likes to cook on a wood burning stove on his front porch as it gets too hot inside. 

In-line with his religious beliefs, Titus does not eat any meat and never had any dairy or egg products growing up. He shows documentary maker Peter that one of his favourite meals consists of red potatoes, purple onions and kale with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt for flavour.

Titus also says he is generally in good health and this year hasn’t even suffered from a ‘stuffy nose.’

‘My thought is eat lots of healthy food, breath deep fresh air, try seeing God, get exercise and do things that strengthen your immune system so then your immune system is strong enough,’ he explained.

While he enjoys the simple farm life, Titus says there are a couple of things that would be useful, such as a fridge – currently, he has to keep good cool in the creek.

‘I can put stuff in the creek and it will keep overnight,’ he said.

More than that, his biggest wish is to find someone to share his life with. 

‘I think the only thing I’m missing really is someone to share this life with me and children,’ he said in his horse and carriage.

In an effort to find love, Titus shared his landline with viewers, and he says he can be reached at 606-448-4252.

However, as he is out working the land most days it’s unlikely he will answer.

Instead, you should leave a voicemail.

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