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CYCLISTS tend to fall into two camps – fair-weather riders and those who will ride come what may. If you consider yourself to be a paid-up member of the latter group, then you might be on the lookout for a new waterproof cycling jacket.

But even if you only ride when the sun is shining, it’s a good idea to invest in a waterproof shell – the UK’s weather is extremely changeable after all, and a stowaway jacket can be the difference between riding dry with a smile on your face, and returning home damp and miserable.

Waterproof cycling jackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the type of riding that you’re going to be doing – a lightweight shell that can be shoved in a jersey pocket will differ greatly from a piece that needs to be able to survive the daily commute.

But all will offer protection from the elements thanks to various waterproof features, keeping you dry if caught in a downpour or stopping spray from the road splashing up and soaking you.

From there, jackets come with a variety of features. Breathability is a big one (you don’t want to stay dry on the outside while getting sweaty on the inside), while more premium picks will include the likes of Gore-Tex lining, a flap to protect your lower back from splashes and even integrated lights.

Not sure where to start in your search for the best waterproof cycling jacket for men? The below picks should help to keep you dry, whatever your budget.

Triban Men’s Cycling Rainproof Jacket RC500

  • Triban Men’s Cycling Rainproof Jacket RC500, £54.99 from Decathlon – buy here

Staying dry doesn’t have to be expensive, as this jacket from Decathlon’s in-house brand Triban proves.

The RC500 should keep your top half even in the hardest downpour, while its breathable fabric has a RET rating of 7.8, making it ideal for keeping the sweat at bay on those damp riding days.

Other notable features include a fold-up flap (handy for keeping spray off of the tops of your shorts when not riding with a mudguard), reflective detailing and two zipped waterproof pockets (a pocket on the front and wide opening at the rear) ideal for stashing valuables like phones or money.

The one thing to note is that the waterproofing membrane will reduce with washes, and it’s probably best to look for a more durable fabric if planning on riding with a bag.

Proviz Reflect360 Men’s Cycling Jacket

  • Proviz Reflect 360 Men’s Cycling Jacket, £67.49 from Proviz – buy here

Riding in the rain is a more common occurrence during the winter months, so it’s worth looking for a cycling jacket with reflective detailing if you’re planning on commuting or cycling in the dark.

The Reflect360 by reflective specialists Proviz is the industry leader when it comes to staying seen and dry on your bike.

The entire jacket is made from a unique fabric that is essentially millions of tiny glass beads. When light is shone onto the jacket, it reflects it, turning itself into a light source.

Importantly, it is also waterproof. Taped inner seams prevent water from getting in where panels have been sewn, and the cuff and waist are adjustable to prevent water seeping in through any gaps.

Ventilation is included at all hot points (under arm, shoulder and back), while a microfleece collar helps keep the chill off on colder days.

Rapha Commuter

  • Rapha Commuter cycling jacket, £100 from Rapha – buy here

Premium road cycling clothing manufacturer Rapha is renowned for making high-end kit at eye-watering prices, but its city-focused line offers up some of its best-known quality for less.

On the surface, the Commuter jacket looks like any High Street brand’s waterproof, and that’s kind of the point. It’s been designed to not look out of place off the bike, and to wear over normal clothes, rather than Lycra.

Durable fabric has been used, meaning repeatedly putting on and removing a bag won’t damage the waterproof membrane, while a reflective print is located on the rear of the jacket below where a rucksack would sit.

The fit is somewhat relaxed, making it possible to fit a couple of layers underneath, and things are kept breathable thanks to mesh panelling around the collar.

Finishing touches include a stowable hood that will fit under a helmet, and an off-centre waterproof zip to prevent any rubbing and irritation on your chin.

Madison Zenith

  • Madison Zenith cycling jacket, £63.99 from Tredz – buy here

Mountain biking is synonymous with the brown stuff, so a waterproof (and mudproof) jacket is a must before hitting the trails in all but the driest conditions.

The Zenith by UK brand Madison is an ideal accompaniment for autumn, winter and spring riding, and can handle anything you throw at it.

Unlike the material used in road cycling jackets, the Zenith can survive a few snags on overhanging branches and brambles as you bomb your way along single track trails, and a DWR (durable water repellent) three-layer waterproof fabric helps to keep you dry while you’re doing it.

A mesh liner ensures airflow to the inside of the jacket, and the four pockets double up as vents if things get really hot.

Like the Rapha offering above, the Zenith also includes a hood that can be worn under a helmet.

All zips are designed to be used with one hand, keeping you in control of comfort without having to come to a stop.

Dhb Aeron Tempo FLT waterproof jacket

  • Dhb Aeron Tempo FLT waterproof jacket, £90 from Wiggle – buy here

A stowable shell that can be stuffed in a jersey pocket or saddlebag is a must for riding in the UK.

Even the clearest summer’s day can turn into a washout, so it’s always best to be prepared. The Aeron Tempo FLT by Wiggle’s in-house clothing brand Wiggle is a step up from the Triban featured at the top of the list, and can rival those twice its price point.

Its waterproof rating (30,000mm) is similar to those found on high-end ski jackets, and fully taped waterproof seams and elasticated cuffs ensure that not a drop of water will find its way inside.

A tail flap keeps the spray off your back if you ride without mudguards, and the addition of a new reflective detail makes the jacket (and you) stand out.

Gore-Tex Race Shakedry Jacket

  • Gore-Tex Race Shakedry Jacket, £299.99 from Evans Cycle – buy here

If one brand is synonymous with waterproof clothing, it’s Gore-Tex. If a product includes those two words on its features list, you know whatever’s beneath it will stay bone dry, even in the worst downpour.

The Gore-Tex Race Shakedry Jacket from Gore utilises the waterproof technology throughout – water literally beads on the surface and can be shaken from the jacket to make it dry again, ready for storage.

The raciest fit of the waterproof cycling jackets featured, the Race Shakedry was developed with elite athletes and comes with a pro-level price tag too.

It’s definitely one for the serious road cyclists out there, and Gore even says not to use a backpack due to the material being so thin.

Metier Beacon rain jacket

  • Metier Beacon rain jacket, £200 from Metier – buy here

If the Gore inclusion above wasn’t ‘flashy’ enough for you, then it might be worth turning your attention to Metier’s Beacon rain jacket.

This lightweight shell includes integrated lights front and rear to help you stay seen on the road while also protected from the elements. Both are visible during daylight hours (160 lumens front, 22 lumens rear) and are powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

Other highlights include a two-way zip, making it easier to access things in your jersey pockets, reflective detailing on the rear for even more visibility and the lights have up to 72 hours of ride time between charging.

Mountain Warehouse Fahren Men's Waterproof Cycling Jacket

  • Fahren Men's Waterproof Cycling Jacket, £44.99 from Mountain Warehouse – buy here

Designed with pro-cyclers in mind, the Fahren waterproof cycling jacket from Mountain Warehouse is ideal for moderate rainy conditions – tested to 5,000mm.

While being waterproof, its breathable fabric allows perspiration and sweat to pass from the coat which will help keep you cool in sticky situations – actively wicking moisture away from skin. It even boasts under-arm zips, too, for extra comfort.

There's high-reflective detailing on the coat, too, helping you keep visible in the dark which is much-needed in dark conditions while on a spin.

Halfords Ridge Unisex Waterproof Jacket – Fluorescent Yellow

  • Ridge Unisex Waterproof Jacket – Fluorescent Yellow, £25 from Halfords – buy here

Sometimes, it's best to opt for something cheap and cheerful if you're on a budget – but you want to make sure a cheap cycling waterproof jacket is not all bark, and no bite.

This budget unisex option from Halfords is £25, and ideal for commuting, leisure or fitness – especially in dark winter conditions as it's fully fluorescent and reflective.

It has a zipped rear pocket, and a removable hood for those rainier commutes to work – plus, it even goes up to a size XXXL, too.

What is the best rain gear for cycling?

The best rain gear for cycling will depend on the sort of riding you’re doing. A waterproof jacket is an essential, but not all are made equally.

Basic things to look out for include taped seams and a waterproof rating of 5,000mm and above, while the inclusion of a DWR material or the likes of Gore-Tex is a bonus.

Other items that can help to ward of the rain include gloves, waterproof trousers (generally for commuting or mountain biking), overshoes and a waterproof hat to wear under your helmet.

What do pro cyclists wear in the rain?

Professional cyclists are renowned for being hardy souls but will still reach for a waterproof shell if the weather turns sour.

Outside of this, they may opt for overshoes and a waterproof cap, but will generally not wear anything waterproof on their bottom halves.

Is it OK to cycle in the rain?

Cycling in the rain can be just as enjoyable as riding in the dry, but it’s worth investing in some waterproof clothing to really make the most of it.

One thing to be aware of is that it can be more difficult to ride in the wet – braking distances extend and the sharpness of your brakes might decrease (especially if your bike has rim brakes).

Should you dry your bike after rain?

If you can, it’s worth drying your bike after cycling in the rain to prevent any rust building up on components such as your chain.

An even better thing to do would be to give your bike a good wash after particularly wet or muddy rides, as caked-on dirt and grit can shorten the lifespan of various components if left between rides.

How do I protect my bike from rain?

A great way of protecting your bike, you and other road users from rain is to invest in a good set of mudguards.

Mudguards help minimise the amount of spray that flicks up onto you and your bike when riding in the wet. Other ways of protecting your bike from the rain range from using a wet (rather than dry) lube when lubing your chain, through to storing your bike in the dry under a cover or in a dedicated bike shed rather than out in the elements.

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