8 Shows To Watch Right Now If You’re Still Obsessed With ‘Set It Up’

A few months ago, Netflix’s Set It Up came along and helped revive the rom-com. The insta-popular comedy stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell as two young, overworked assistants who attempt to set their workaholic bosses up (in the hopes of giving themselves more free time) and ultimately fall for each other in the process. While there aren’t exactly series that capture the same premise, there are some great TV shows to watch if you like Set It Up that deliver everything rom-com lovers dream of.

When the movie was released, fans took to Twitter to write sentiments like, "#SetItUp is the best rom-com I’ve seen in a while, I need more rom-coms in my life, please @ film industry" and "I watched #SetItUp on Netflix this morning and oh my God it was everything I want in a rom-com. It’s perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you, Netflix." Clearly, it was the movie fans didn’t even know they needed. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being a sucker for a good ol’ love story.

Of course, a ton of classic shows have ‘ships to root for, including Friends, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy. But the shows below are a bit more up-to-date and depict so many elements about modern love that Set It Up fans will really enjoy.

1. Jane the Virgin

Like Set It Up, Jane the Virgin has more than one couple to root for (or against). It also chronicles the ups and downs that can come with trying to balance you professional and personal lives. The award-winning CW show follows an ambitious young writer named Jane Villaneuva (Gina Rodriguez) who gets accidentally artificially inseminated, leading to one telenovela-like event after the other. While Set It Up is a little bit more rooted in reality of 20-something life, fans of the rom-com will enjoy Jane’s over-the-top life circumstances while she navigates her own endearing love stories.

2. Insecure

Co-created by and starring rising star Issa Rae, Insecure doesn’t sugarcoat the modern struggles that come with finding your own way, whether it be in work or love. Issa and her crew experience their very realistic trials and tribulations while navigating Los Angeles life and figuring out who they are and what they want, modern dating and relationship dynamics being a pretty significant part of that journey.

3. The Mindy Project

For anyone who’s a sucker for love-in-the-workplace stories, The Mindy Project is a must-see. The award-winning comedy was created by Mindy Kaling and has become a fan favorite. It starts by telling the story of Mindy (Kaling), a successful doctor who attempts to really get her life in order but can’t resist hooking up with her narcissistic colleague Jeremy (Ed Weeks). From there, adventure, love, and self-discovery ensue.

4. Younger

Going onto its sixth season, Younger is the endearing story of 40-year-old single mom Liza (Sutton Foster), who passes as 26 to pursue a new lease on life and her dream career in NYC. Also starring Hilary Duff as Liza’s co-worker Kelsey, this modern story has pulled in a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes for witty and charming writing as it tackles work, love, and second chances.

5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rachel Bloom scored a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the lovable Rebecca Bunch in this quirky and musical romantic-comedy series. The show starts as Rebecca, a successful partner at an NYC law firm, uproots her life to move to California (where the dude who dumped her happens to live). She experiences ups and downs of navigating life while occasionally breaking out into song and giving fans serious ‘ships to root for.

6. New Girl

Like Set It Up, New Girl pulls at fans’ heartstrings by portraying BFFs who can’t resist getting romantic with each other, and it’s freaking adorable. Zoe Deschanel’s quirky lead character Jess is undeniably charming and someone fans root for as are Set It Up‘s leads.

7. Big Mouth

Netflix’s raunchy animated comedy Big Mouth isn’t necessarily a standard romantic-comedy, but it still has tons of elements that Set It Up fans will enjoy. With an adult view on puberty (in a totally non-creepy way), Big Mouth makes viewers experience a mix of nostalgic and hilarious moments from their own past as well as sentimental ones (like first loves). It’s light, enjoyable, and funny AF.

8. Love

Although this series only ran for three seasons, it’s still a beloved member of the Netflix family. Co-created by Judd Apatow, Love is a quirky, modern take on love stories as it chronicles "rebellious Mickey and good-natured Gus" who navigate the ups and downs of intimacy… and all the parts of falling in love they were hoping to avoid.

So many ‘ships, yet so little time. Get marathoning.

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