8 Celeb Best Friends Who Were Nominated for Golden Globes the Same Year

A whopping seven times — that’s how many Golden Globe nominations Winslet and DiCaprio have been up for together over the past 20 years. The actors first met on the set of 1998’s Titanic, reunited in 2009 for Revolutionary Road (both of which earned them individual Golden Globe nominations) and came together to celebrate each other’s wins in 2016 — Winslet for Steve Jobs and DiCaprio for The Revenant.

Garfield — who recently confirmed his adoration for ex-girlfriend Emma — was up for a 2017 Golden Globe for his performance in Hacksaw Ridge, joining Stone, who was nominated for her role in La La Land. Though she won, sadly, the two did not kiss and make up during the show  — we’re still not over their split, TBH.

Before landing nominations for the 2017 Golden Globes — Davis for Fences and Spencer for Hidden Figures — the pair were both up for statues in 2011 for their leading and supporting, respectively, roles in The Help.

When it comes to Hollywood’s most treasured best friendships, few can compete with J. Law and A. Schu’s connection — not even stiff Golden Globe competition. In 2016, the pair were nominated in the same category for their performances in Joy and Trainwreck, respectively. Lawrence ultimately took home the honor.

So, they’re not technically best friends — the private couple met on the set of The Light Between Oceans and quietly married in 2017 — but they did boast a slew of nominations at the 2016 awards. Vikander was nominated for The Danish Girl and Ex Machina, while her leading man was up for a statue for his portrayal of Apple’s founder in Steve Jobs.

The three-time Golden Globe hosts were up against each other in the lead actress category in 2012 and 2013 — Fey for 30 Rock and Poehler for Parks and Recreation

The Gyllenhaal siblings are proof that award-worthy acting chops run in the family. Maggie took home the Golden Globe for 2015’s The Honourable Woman — the same year her little brother was nominated for his performance in Nightcrawler.

The world first fell in love with Affleck and Damon’s unbreakable bond in 1998 when the pair were up for three Golden Globe awards between them — a shared nomination for best screenplay for Good Will Hunting and an acting nod for Damon’s portrayal of the film’s protagonist.

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