6 free astrology courses, for sceptics and horoscope addicts alike

Written by Kayleigh Dray

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Learn all about the zodiac, birth charts, and more with these free online astrology courses.

Let’s face facts: astrology is more popular than ever. Indeed, despite all the uncertainty caused by the ongoing coronavirus lockdown – perhaps because of the uncertainty, even – we’ve seen a surge in people searching for their star sign on Google and drinking in everything that their horoscope has in store for them that day.

Of course, it goes without saying that astrology is absolutely not considered to be a ‘science’. In fact, it’s been wholeheartedly rejected by the scientific community – with many pointing out that predictions based on the zodiac are far too general and far too unspecific to be subjected to scientific testing.

Despite this, though, people’s fascination with sun signs, birth charts, moon phases and the like endures. And, with extra time on their hands in lockdown, many have begun taking their love of horoscopes one step further, seeking out online astrology courses to provide them with the tools necessary to interpret the zodiac and their own natal charts, too.

With this in mind, then, we’ve sourced some free online astrology courses and educational tools that promise to lift the curtain on the mysterious world of western astrology.

So, whether you’re a horoscope addict or a non-believer (because hey, it’s even easier to dispute when you know the thinking behind it), check out these websites now.

At the very least, it’ll give you something new to do after curfew.

Learn Astrology With The Astro Twins

Not a formal course per se, but the Astro Twins have created an extensive library for amateur astrologers to get stuck into, including all the tools you need to create your own birth chart.

Star School With The Tarot Lady

Star School promises to be “a free educational blog series for curious star seekers who feel intimidated by astrology.” 

If you’re interested, you can work your way through the lessons provided, and you’ll cover everything from the basics to lunar nodes, chiron, and the path of fortune.

Cafe Astrology

The Cafe Astrology website has been created specifically for beginners, offering lesson-style articles on sun signs, natal charts, moon phases, and more. This allows you to adopt an informal step-by-step approach, although newcomers are advised to kick off their zodiac journey by creating their own natal chart.


Popular with professional astrologers, Astrodienst offers a free introduction to the basics of astrology, which walks users through everything from the planets, to the sun signs, to the connection between astrology and psychology.

Astro Library

Again this isn’t a formal course, but Astro Library is full of lesson sheets on the astrological basics. Expect to be walked through the symbols used in astrology, as well as the houses, the planets, elements, qualities, polarities, and more. 

Always Astrology

Always Astrology’s DIY course sees you work through the information provided, before printing off the three ‘exam sheets’ and testing your knowledge. The answers are provided on-site, so you can be sure to see how well you’ve remembered your astrological signs, birth charts, and planetary aspects. And, if you get it wrong, you can always try again!

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