6 best IPL hair removal machines UK 2023 for home use | The Sun

SHAVING and waxing can be a nightmare to keep on top of, not to mention keeping up with the exfoliation and moisturising that comes afterwards to prevent any rashes or nasty ingrown hairs – but that's where one of the best IPL hair removal devices come in.

They're easy-to-use, hand-held devices that can be used in the comfort of your own home to target the hair follicles directly, using pulsed light flashes to significantly reduce hair growth.

Using an IPL machine at home can give you a super smooth finish, sometimes lasting months afterwards.

Of course, you can venture into a salon for laser hair removal, but it'll likely set you back upwards of £50 a session and you'll need multiple for the full effects. It's way more convenient to do your session independently at home rather than rushing out to a salon, too.

IPL machines, on the other hand, start at around £100 and you can use them as many times as you need to – without having to leave the house.

Both IPL and laser hair removal basically do the same thing, using lights to stunt your hair growth – the only real contrast is that an IPL scatters multiple wavelengths all over (laser only targets one wavelength) which means it's great for also reducing pigmentation, blemishes or freckles.

Experts say that IPLs are best for those with lighter skin because darker skin, with more melanin, can be prone to getting burnt by the laser, and it has also been reported that they aren't that effective when used on blonde hair.

To help you understand the market, we've found the best IPL machines to shop in 2023, according to reviews, expert opinion and best value for money. And, we've even tried some of them ourselves. You're welcome.

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