24 Bookish Mugs To Gift To Your Friends Who Love To Read With A Cup Of Tea

Coffee and books; tea and books. No matter what your hot beverage of choice is, you know that it pairs perfectly with a good book. For the fellow book-lover on your list, I’ve got 24 bookish mugs you can make into the perfect holiday present.

Holiday gifting is hard, y’all. Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but everyone wants to be the best present-picker at the party. Giving someone something they can truly love and cherish isn’t as easy as it might seem, however.

That’s why coffee mugs make great gifts. Pretty much everyone enjoys a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa on occasion, and there’s nothing worse than not having enough mugs for guests you’re hosting. Even when you think you can’t possibly fit another mug in the cabinet, something happens, and you wind up with a handle-less tumbler and a little extra space in your mug collection.

Before you finalize your holiday shopping list, check out the 24 bookish mugs on the list below. You might find something you love — in which case, treat yo’ self — and you’re sure to find a great gift for a friend or loved one among this carefully curated collection.

1. John Keats "Splendor" Mug

John Keats "Splendor" Mug


Obvious State

This gorgeous floral mug features a line from John Keats’ poem, "Bright star, would I were as steadfast as thou art," and is perfect for the hopeless romantic on your list.

2. My Dreams Were All My Own Coffee Mug

My Dreams Were All My Own Coffee Mug



This Mary Shelley coffee mug is the perfect gift for a book-lover on your holiday list this year, the 200th anniversary of 1818’s Frankenstein.

3. Go Away, I’m Reading Mug

Go Away, I’m Reading Mug


MirkwoodScribes on Etsy

This 10 oz. camp mug isn’t microwave-safe, but that will hardly matter when you’re sipping hot coffee out of a vessel this beautiful.

4. T.S. Eliot Literary Mug

T.S. Eliot Literary Mug


Obvious State

If your friend’s life revolves around coffee, this mug, with a short quote from "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," will be their favorite gift this year.

5. Espresso Patronum Mug

Espresso Patronum Mug


missbohemia on Etsy

Banish the dementors of your Mondays and nightmares with this lovely, 10 oz. camp mug from missbohemia on Etsy.

6. Not All Who Wander Are Lost Mug

Enamel Mug, Not All Who Wander Are Lost


WillowMugs on Etsy

This Lord of the Rings quote can always be with your travel-loving friend if you pick up this durable camp mug for them.

7. I Just Want to Pet Cats and Read Manga Coffee Mug

I Just Want to Pet Cats and Read Manga Coffee Mug



Got a cat-lady friend who loves manga? You’ve found her perfect gift right here, in this cute, teal and white "cats and manga" coffee mug.

8. Writing Fuel Mug

Writing Fuel Mug


PenEndeavors on Etsy

Got a writer you need to buy for? Check out this engraved "writing fuel" mug, which will hold 15 oz. of your favorite author’s favorite brew.

9. "Cool Story Poe" Mug

"Cool Story Poe" Mug


Obvious State

This not-too-spooky Edgar Allan Poe mug makes a great gift for the short-story reader or writer on your holiday gifting list.

10. Courage, Dear Heart Narnia Mug

Courage, Dear Heart Narnia Mug


DearHeartLetterCo on Etsy

Perfect for a fan of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, this camp mug will brighten any gloomy morning and prepare the giftee for the day ahead.

11. Do You Suppose She’s a Wildflower Mug

Alice in Wonderland Gift, Do You Suppose She’s a Wildflower Mug


MugCountry on Etsy

This bold, black-and-white mug features a literary quote you don’t see that often: one from the snooty garden flowers who tease the title character in Alice in Wonderland.

12. Sorry, I’m Booked Mug

Sorry I’m Booked Mug


SweetMintHandmade on Etsy

With cute handwriting fonts and a stylized paperback illustration, this mug is a lovely, low-key gift for the book-lover in your life.

13. I Love the Smell of Books in the Morning Coffee Mug

I Love the Smell of Books and Coffee in the Morning Mug



A bold mug for a bold book-lover, this drinkware’s large, purple font proclaims the owner’s love of reading for all to see.

14. Losers Club Mug

Losers Club Mug


JessicaScissorhands on Etsy

If you know a Stephen King fan, you’ve got to get them this Losers Club mug, inspired by the Master of Horror’s 1986 novel, It.

15. Bookstore Cats Mug

Bookstore. Cats. Life Is Sweet Mug


Top Toad

The other side of this wrap-around image says "Bookstores. Cats. Life Is Good.," which, you know, pretty much sums up an introvert’s life.

16. Banned Books Mug

Banned Books Heat Reactive Mug


Out of Print Clothing

The censor marks on this heat-reactive mug disappear when you add a hot beverage, revealing the titles of some of the U.S.’s most challenged books.

17. Niffler Heat Changing Mug

Niffler Heat Changing Mug



Get this mug hot to catch a little Niffler red-handed. Just don’t put it in the microwave or you’ll spoil the effect.

18. Molly Hatch Icon Mug

Molly Hatch Icon Mug



This ceramic mug from designer Molly Hatch is a perfect, fanciful addition to any fantasy-lover’s kitchen cupboard.

19. Jane Austen Coffee Mug

Jane Austen Coffee Mug



Covered in Jane Austen’s best quotes, this mug will make an excellent gift for the obstinate, headstrong girl on your holiday shopping list.

20. Books Before Looks Mug

Book Lover Mug


bespokeverse on Etsy

This ’90s-tastic mug features a geometric pattern and a great slogan: Books Before Looks.

21. Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Copper Mug

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Copper Mug


Hot Topic

Love Moscow Mules and Harry Potter? Pick up this unique Hogwarts mug — a mini-cauldron, really — for your next cocktail party.

22. Accio Coffee Mug

Bookish,Accio Coffee Mug


WillowMugs on Etsy

Summon coffee directly into your mornings with this ceramic mug so magical, it sparkles.

23. Dobby Mug & Sock Set

Dobby Mug & Sock Set


Barnes & Noble

This adorable Harry Potter mug comes with a set of cozy socks for your favorite House Elf to enjoy.

24. Brontë Sisters Literary Coffee Mug

Bronte Sisters Literary Coffee Mug



This lovely, purple mug is covered in quotes from books by Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë, and even features a rendition of their most famous portrait, which was painted by their brother, Branwell.

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