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FORGET a plain old paddling pool, for families who want some serious water fun in the summer holidays, a sprinkler is where it's at.

Shooting water out from all sides, the best sprinklers for kids invite shrieks of joy as they run through the jets of water. Even adults will appreciate the refreshing blast of water on a scorching summer day.

Many are compact, so you don't need a huge garden to house them, which is great for smaller spaces.

There are many sprinklers for kids to choose from, depending on your outside space and the age of your child, but almost all designs will get your child having fun as they race around in the sunshine.

Sprinkle and splash play mats are popular: think of them as shallow paddling pools, with the added benefit of having splash fountains, too.

Got a trampoline? You can turn it into a waterpark with a trampoline sprinkler, which will never get old with little ones.

If you have the space, invest in a sprinkler slide. These connect to the garden hose and will quickly become your child's favourite hot-weather activity.

For smaller outdoor spaces, inflatable splash balls and small garden sprinklers provide entertainment but don't take up a ton of room.

For the best fun in the sun you've ever had, read on for our ultimate selection of the best sprinklers for kids.

Best kids sprinklers at a glance:

  • Best overall kids sprinkler: Anpro Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler
  • Best inflatable kids sprinkler: JOYIN Inflatable Unicorn
  • Best kids sprinkler for trampolines: Vinsani 8M/26FT Trampoline Sprinkler
  • Best garden sprinkler for kids: Hozelock 2515 0000 Multi Sprinkler 79m²
  • Best kids sprinkler for smaller gardens: Summer Waves Inflatable Octopus Ring Sprinkler
  • Best kids sprinkler ball: CestMall Inflatable Water Ball
  • Best kids sprinkler game: Bestway Hop Zone Sprinkler 
  • Best kids sprinkler slide: Chad Valley Double Slide
  • Best kids sprinkler for older children: Bestway Limber Limbo Sprinkler
  • Best kids sprinkler for younger children: Sunnylife Monster Sprinkler
  • Best kids sprinkler for big gardens: Wahu Splash N Snake 
  • Best kids sprinkler splash pad: Splash Pad Outdoor Sprinkler for Kids
  • Best spinning kids sprinkler toy: FOSUBOO water spray sprinkler for kids

Best overall kids sprinkler: Anpro Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler

  • Anpro Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler, £19.99, at Amazon – buy here

A great all-rounder at a good price, this colourful rainbow sprinkler arch is perfect for summery kids' parties and makes a striking style statement in your garden.

Measuring 135cm in height, which is the average height of a nine-year-old, it will delight both toddlers and older children as it rains down water on little ones.

Place it over a water slide or paddling pool to really pimp up your outdoor toy setup.

Type: Inflatable arch Dimensions: 96" wide


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