11 Lessons You Learn From Breakups Are So Incredibly Wise & Meaningful

When you’re in the thick of it, it’s difficult to find a silver lining from your breakup. Understandably so! You just lost someone who was once an important part (if not the most important part) of your life. That being said, there is one silver lining: with each breakup comes a new learning experience. For example, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, real ladies shared the lessons you learn from breakups and I have a few of their best responses here for you.

Read along and get ready to soak up their wisdom!

Pay attention to red flags.


You can’t make someone love you.


Acting on anger can lead to regret.


Real love shouldn’t be hard work.


You have to be comfortable with your life as is before letting someone into it.


Trust your gut.


Resentment can poison a relationship.


No matter how serious you were, it’s totally possible to let go.


If family matters to you, make sure you love spending time with each other’s families.


It’s OK to walk away at any point.


Don’t assume things will get better on their own.


Even if you haven’t quite figured out what your breakup had to teach you, try to take what these ladies said to heart. They each were able to come up with some great life tips we can all live by.

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