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Most of us wash our hair, whether that's a couple of times a week or a couple of times a month, so we've probably got a bottle of shampoo sitting in the shower.

But did you know that a regular plastic bottle of shampoo is made up of between 75% and 85% water? Environmentally that's not a great stat.

If you're looking to improve your sustainability kudos it might be time to look in to shampoo bars.

At first glance, a shampoo bar may bare a strong resemblance to a bar of soap because they are solid blocks rather than the standard liquid formula. And because you'll be rubbing a solid bar, rather than a liquid, in to the scalp and hair to wash away any dirt and grime, you'll be using significantly less water.

It also doesn't come in a plastic bottle and often is packaged in recyclable and recycled cardboard or even sometimes in just a paper wrapping. So you're doing your bit two times over.

To help you choose the best shampoo bar to suit you, we've rounded up our favourites.


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