The Good Place's Jameela Jamil Shares Her Best Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas — All Under $25!

“I lost a tooth every Christmas until I was 10 on the stuff,” Jamil says. 

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“Christmas is a good time to hide from your family, but this is hard,” Jamil says. “I recommend hiding on the toilet. Nobody can disturb you in there, and now you can have something to do! I love this gift so much. You are welcome. (I also recommend toilet golf.)”

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“I feel truly passionate about Slankets (Sleeved blankets for those of you who don’t know),” Jamil says. “You are welcome. I have solved all of your problems. This is truly my favorite invention since the iPhone. It’s so thoughtful and it’s like giving someone a soft cuddle. A blanket you can eat a full dinner in. Everyone wins.”

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“I need hot sauce with everything I eat. I panic when I’m without it,” Jamil says. “I don’t trust other people to provide me with the goods, so I genuinely keep these in my pockets and have honestly found them so useful. Just close them carefully so that your bag doesn’t look like a murder scene.”

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“Try a new look for the New Year. Re-invent yourself with these extremely dumb but enjoyable stick on beards!” she says.

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“This is the season where not only is it funny to have these glasses, but we all know it’s necessary,” she says. “It’s a time of indulgence and it’s nice to have some limits.”

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“I’m a particular fan of stupid earrings,” Jamil says. “They can put a little of your personality into an outfit.”

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“I enjoy the idea of being someone’s first thought of the day (ugh such an actor!) so I want a fun moment that reminds someone of me to be on their coffee mug,” Jamil says. “I think it’s a nice way to achieve personal association in a fun way.”

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“I don’t know how I ever used a phone without a pop socket,” Jamil says. “My screen has now been crack free for a year.”

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