‘Susceptible to weather damage’: How to care for wooden garden furniture in winter

Gardening: Georgina Burnett gives tips for furniture makeover

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With temperatures dropping and many spending more time inside, it’s important to make sure any outdoor furniture will be protected through the cold winter. Not all outdoor furniture is made the same, so yours may have different requirements to your neighbour’s. To keep your benches, sets, and storage in the best possible condition, garden furniture experts have outlined specific tips for all different types of furniture.

Experts at All Round fun have shared their best ways to clean and protect outdoor furniture, helping it to stay fresh in the winter and look beautiful for when spring and summer rolls around. 

The experts said: “Durable and often more affordable than other materials, wooden furniture is a popular choice for gardens. 

“As it’s a natural product, it’s also more susceptible to weather damage.”

All Round Fun garden experts explained how to clean garden furniture.

They said: “Give your wooden garden furniture a gentle scrub with warm soapy water. 

“This will lift off any dirt and grime that’s accumulated since it’s been outside.”

Opt for a sponge or stiff brush if you can, as a fabric cloth may snag on loose grains, according to experts.

They added: “Some wood furniture, like teak, can even take a rinse with a pressure washer. 

“Always check what wood yours is made from though, as the water may lift the grain of other types.”

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Once cleaned, the garden furniture should be gently sanded.

The experts stressed the importance of letting garden furniture dry before sanding.

They said: “If your furniture needs a deeper clean, allow it to completely dry out after washing before giving it a once-over with light sandpaper. 

“This will help to get rid of any deep-rooted stains and scuffs.”

After sanding, the garden furniture can then be treated with a lick of wood oil.

The experts said: “Don’t forget to treat your freshly-cleaned furniture by giving it a good lick of wood oil. 

“Choose a clear or coloured oil in a similar shade to your furniture.”

Teak oil is a great choice for most types, according to experts.  

They continued: “Generously buff into the surface of the wood, working with the grain to rejuvenate its appearance. 

“Don’t forget to treat the base of your garden benches and chairs as these are most susceptible to wear and tear.”

It’s important to let the first coat dry for at least 48 hours before applying the second coat. 

Before putting the furniture in storage or are covering it make sure to oil the wood first.

The experts said: “Whether you’re keeping your furniture in storage or undercover during the colder months, always give it a good clean and thorough oiling before putting it away. 

“The surface of the grain will probably be extremely dry after summer, so this helps to rehydrate it before it goes into storage.”

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