Spoilers: Mason develops feelings for Alex in Home and Away

Dr Alex (Zoe Ventoura) is settling into life in the Bay, and has already begun to make an impact on several of the residents. By opening up to Raffy (Olivia Deeble) about her own epilepsy, she’s managed to inspire the Morgan teen to get on top of her management of the condition.

But Raffy isn’t the only Morgan Alex has been spending time with. After signing up at the gym and getting to know Willow (Sarah Roberts), she has also crossed paths with Mason (Orpheus Pledger). His name gets mentioned again when Raffy opens up to Alex about her epilepsy following a severe seizure, saying she’s tried everything to keep them from happening.

When Alex suggests keeping a journal to identify symptoms, Raffy tells her that’s what Mason made her to do on their home CBD trial. Alex gets Raffy to backtrack when she hears this, forcing her to talk about how Mason ran an illegal medical trial, but the oil is the only thing which actually helped her.

Alex says that if she had things her way, CBD would be legal, and also wonders why Mason is working at Summer Bay Fit if he trained to be a doctor. Later, she checks in with Mason about Raffy, and asks about his internship plans. When he says he will be going to Western Australia as he wasn’t offered a place locally, Alex is left with a lot to consider.

After spending some time at the hospital, Alex returns to Mason and says she’s put in a good word for him at Northern Districts. She’s hoping to get him an interview so he can move him closer to home. Surprised and happy, Mason starts to see her in a new light…

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