Spoilers: Maggie turns to alcohol in Home and Away

The Astonis have been going through a rough time with Ben’s (Rohan Nichol) depression, and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) was stunned when Ben decided to leave the family home and live at the caravan park. When Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) mum Karen (Georgia Adamson) showed up in the Bay, Maggie briefly had Ben back at home to help with a welcome lunch, but it wasn’t long before he left again, leaving Maggie devastated.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is shocked to find Ben planning a surf on the beach, as she expected him to still be at the Farm House talking to Maggie. Ben says that he knows Maggie wanted to talk – but he has nothing to say to her, so he left. Realising her parents may both currently be in a bad place, Ziggy sees Justin (James Stewart) walking past and asks if he can keep an eye on Ben while she goes to check on Justin.

When Ziggy arrives back home, she is stunned to find Maggie drunk on the sofa. She says she felt like treating herself, so opened a bottle of wine. Ziggy points out it’s the middle of the day, but Maggie is past caring. She reveals that she thinks her marriage is over – Ben refused to return home when she begged him to after the welcome lunch.

Ziggy convinces Maggie to take a shower and sober up, and when she returns, she apologises for her behaviour. Meanwhile, Justin tries to talk to Ben, but when he offers to hang out, Ben walks away, with Justin realising just how much his friend is clearly struggling.

At the Farm House, Maggie admits she feels lost and isn’t coping. Ziggy tells her she thinks they need professional help. Maggie says Ben will never agree – but Ziggy says she meant they need it themselves. Maggie is initially reluctant, but Ziggy appeals to her and they make the call. Will they get the answers they need to help themselves – and help Ben?

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