‘Really good tip’: House plant watering hack – ‘your plants will love that’

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Ellen Mary discussed whether putting banana skins in your houseplant water can help boost their health. She told Express.co.uk: “That’s a really good tip.”

The tip suggests soaking two or three banana skins in 600ml of water for a few days.

Minerals and nutrients will seep into the water and then into your plants.

Ellen also suggested using banana skins in your garden to help garden plants.

“When you put bananas skins in the ground around your rosebushes, as well in the soil, that’s quite good.”

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The gardening expert has also discussed orchid care tips, including an ice cube method. 

She had another tip involving using nettles to make a fertiliser for your plants.

“It’s actually really really good for your plants,” Ellen Mary said.

It involves soaking nettles in water and using that water for your plant.

“You just cut off some of the nettles put them in a bucket, cover them with water, and then cover it over for a few weeks. It’s smelly,” she warned.

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“Then you can dilute it with the water in the watering can and then you can actually water your plants and that’s a completely free organic way of feeding a garden.”

Ellen is such a fan of using nettles that she grows them purposefully in the garden.

She said: “I would consider nettles beneficial weeds.

“I allow a little area for nettles to grow in my garden, so I can make nettle tea.

“You can also mix nettle foliage with water and make an organic plant food.”

The expert believes the answers for all your gardening quandaries are in nature.

She said: “As far as I’m concerned, I think there is everything in nature, though I think we just don’t know about or yet.

“There is a link between everything.”

She recommends having some fun with gardening and trying new things

“Like I always say, with gardening, it’s always a good way to have a little bit of fun and work things out. See how it goes.”

Ellen also discussed her orchid care secrets, including how to “avoid killing them with kindness”. 

Orchids are often overwatered, causing the bright and beautiful plants to wither.

Ellen said dying orchids often come down to being overwatered or being left in water or moist soil.

“If you’re watering them and leaving the water, the roots will rot,” she warned.

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