Pests: Six plants to ‘deter pesky bugs’ from ruining the garden – ‘keeps them away’

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This method encourages gardeners to plant chervil, sunflowers and nasturtiums as “natural deterrents” without adding toxins to the garden. A spokesperson for said: “The traditional method for getting rid of destructive bugs would be to use pesticides which could potentially bring toxins into your garden.

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“We prefer to use deterrent plants instead, adding a source of food for the insects whilst keeping them away from your most beloved flowers.

“The plants you hope to protect will determine how far away you need to plant the decoy sacrificial plants.

“For some insects, it is best to plant the decoys around the border of the flower or crops.

“For others, the sacrificial plants can be placed further away.”

Nettles and nasturtiums are easy to grow and work by attracting aphids and sap-sucking insects which feed on the nutrient-rich liquid of the plants.

According to the experts, they will work as a “distraction” for the harmful aphids congregating in large groups.

The gardening experts added: “This keeps them away from your more precious crops and flowers.

“Nasturtiums will need to be pruned and tended over time as they are a spreading plant that drops seeds all over the area where they grow.”

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Slugs are common pests in gardens, and they can ruin tender plants and crops.

According to the experts, gardeners who are frustrated by the number of slugs in their garden, chervil is the way forward.

They said: “The delicate herb attracts slugs and will distract them from leaving unsightly holes in your favourite flowers.

“Use sunflowers too…these summertime favourites are great for attacking stink bugs, which often attract crops like sweetcorn and okra.

“Keep these veggies pest-free by planting sunflowers at least 70 days ahead of your vegetables.

“Once the sunflowers have fully matured, they will work to deter bugs no matter how far away they are from your more precious crops.”

Sunflowers can also add a gorgeous pop of colour into the garden.

Flying insects can also be a nuisance in the garden, eating away at the root of crops.

They are particularly interested in food such as cucumbers, beans and tomatoes.

The experts recommended planting marigolds to deter them.

They explained: “Marigolds are an excellent deterrent for these pesky insects and should be planted ahead of the vegetables to ensure the crops are not disturbed.”

Lavender, which looks great in containers or in flower beds, can also be used to deter many bugs away.

This is because of its strong scent.

The gardening experts said: “The strong smell will keep biting bugs at bay and will instead attract nectar-feeding bees and butterflies into your garden.”

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