Pest expert’s ‘best deterrents’ to stop pigeons pooing in your garden

Gardening expert gives tips on deterring pets and pests

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While seemingly harmless, pigeons are bothersome to have around. They poop everywhere in outdoor spaces, and not only does that make gardens unappealing, but it’s also dangerous. Pigeon poop is toxic and can actually corrode buildings if left and not cleaned. To avoid roofs, paving and fences being covered in pigeon poo, Jordan Foster, pest control specialist at Fantastic Pest Control, has shared how to deter them.

He said: “While pigeons are not a typical garden pest, they are more than capable of stripping your garden bare of young plants and fruit. 

“If you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your gardening labour, you will need to set up a series of bird deterrents.

“Here are some of the best deterrents to avoid getting stuck in a never-ending cycle of cleaning pigeon poop.”

1. Use a hose 

One of the most compassionate and non-toxic ways to get rid of pigeons is to shower them with water unexpectedly.

Jordan said: “If you catch the feathered intruders before they build nests, this will act as a deterrent. 

“To scare them away, spray them with the hose as soon as you see them invading your territory. You can also get an automatic water jet to keep pesky birds away.”

Some automatic water jets contain a sophisticated sensor that can distinguish between movement caused by an animal and movement caused by the wind. 

2. Set up a scarecrow

Decoy statues of birds of prey or lightweight kites have been known to be used as pigeon deterrents to try and stop pigeons nesting in gardens.

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The pest control expert said: “The most effective bird-scaring decoys often mimic a hawk’s silhouette and move and make noise. 

“The decoy’s position must be changed regularly, otherwise, the pigeons will learn there is no real danger and may even mockingly perch on top of it.”

The sound that the decoys make should cover about a square acre so should easily cover a normal garden. The noise is only audible to pigeons so shouldn’t be heard by humans or pets.

It also needs to be as high as possible and preferably able to move around in a breeze to make it effective.

3. Use reflective surfaces 

Jordan claimed that this deterrent is a “gardener’s old trick” to keep birds away. 

He explained: “We have all seen this in action. Gardens are often decorated with CDs or other shiny surfaces. 

“When exposed to sunlight, reflective surfaces create a prism effect, temporarily affecting pigeons’ vision and making your garden a no-go area for birds.”

As an alternative to CDs mirrors can also be used. As the mirrors move in the wind, they flash unpleasantly bright beams of light.

4. Netting 

Gardeners can protect their shed or other garden constructions from unwanted visitors by installing bird netting.

The expert claimed that this is an “excellent way” to protect any garden building without harming birds.

However, it needs to be carefully positioned and thought about, as the last thing you want is for birds and wildlife to become trapped or entangled.

5. Watch out for bird feeders

As pigeons are known as the type of bird that does not share, once gardeners stock their bird feeders, the “bully bird” will show up promptly, scaring off the smaller birds and stealing everything they can. Jordan said: “Your only chance for bird peace is to keep these intruders away altogether.”

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