‘Now is the time’: Monty Don shares essential winter lawn care tips – what to do now

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Winter is on its way which means many might cut their grass one final time before putting it away until spring. However, before putting it away for winter, Monty Don has explained that now is the perfect time to get it serviced.

Sharing advice in his November blog post, the expert explained that November is the perfect time to “give your mower a good once-over”.

Monty wrote: “Rather than leaving it till you want to make the first cut of your lawn next spring, now is the time to give your mower a good once-over before putting them away for the winter.

“Wash it down and scrape off any encrusted grass.

“Drain any petrol from the tank.

“Check all screws and bolts to ensure they are property tightened.

“Oil the blades and all moving parts and unless it is running and cutting exceptionally well, take it for a service and sharpen by a professional rather than wait until next spring when they will be inundated.

“Finally put it away somewhere dry and safe in the knowledge that when you need it in earnest it will perform properly at the first asking and throughout the next cutting season.”

Maintaining your lawn mower regularly can help prevent any problems happening when the machine is in use.

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This includes not being sharp enough to cut the lawn as well as not performing well enough.

Overall, getting a lawn mower serviced each year can help increase its lifespan.

However, with the mild autumn the UK is experiencing, some may be continuing to cut their lawn.

Monty explained in another blog post that gardeners should continue to cut their grass as long as it keeps growing.

He wrote: “Keep cutting the grass for as long as it keeps growing, however it is better to have the grass too long than too short over the winter months.

“Rake out thatch and moss and add to the compost heap.”

The Royal Horticultural Society explained that mowing over winter is “usually not necessary”.

The website states: “[Over winter] mowing is not usually necessary, unless the weather is mild and the grass is still growing.

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“In this case, mow occasionally with a high cut setting.

“Do not attempt to do this if the ground conditions are very soft or frozen, or during spells of cold, drying winds.”

Cutting the lawn too short in the winter can damage the grass and soil and lead to several problems.

It can not only weaken the lawn, but it can even kill the grass.

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