Lawn care tips: How to apply lawn feed and weed killer without ‘burning grass’

How and when to use lawn feeds and treatments

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Lawns can easily become overrun with weeds which can be difficult to remove without damaging the lawn. While it can be tempting to apply any old weed killer, it’s important that the lawn also remains healthy. Gardener Rob Scott from Holland Park in London has shared his tips with Homebase for applying weed killer and feed to lawns.

Gardeners can use “weed and feed” which feeds the lawn while preventing weeds and moss from growing.

The correct weed and feed can Harden and strengthen grass.

The solution can be applied either in a granular form or as a soluble solution.

Gardeners will need a granular or soluble weed and feed solution, a watering can and a broom.

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It may also be useful to have a wheeled spreader to evenly distribute the fertiliser over the lawn.

People that don’t have them can hire them from garden centres.

Before applying, gardeners need to ensure they have the right conditions in place.

The gardening expert explained: “Don’t mow your lawn for four days before applying the mixture.

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“Apply the mix to the lawn on a dry day but not during periods of drought or frost.”

If applying granular weed and feed, use a wheeled spreader as it will apply it more quickly and evenly.

Move the spreader in parallel lines across the lawn.

Gardeners need to make sure they overlap so the whole lawn is covered.

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At the end of each line, turn the spreader off while to turn the spreader around.

This will ensure there is no buildup of mixture at the edge of the lawn.

A build-up of the product could “burn the grass” so it’s important that any build up is dispersed using a broom.

When applying a soluble weed and feed this should be poured into a watering can and mixed according to the quantities recommended on the packet.

The whole lawn will need to be sprinkled with the solution.

It’s important gardeners don’t mow their lawn for around three days after the solution is applied.

The lawn also should not be walked on for three days after.

Those who choose to apply granular weed and feed should water their lawn two days after applying it if it hasn’t rained.

Rob recommended buying and applying the solution twice a year in spring and autumn.

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