How to keep a paddling pool warm and bug-free ‘Simple trick’

UK Weather: Major heatwave as temperatures soar

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The Met Office has issued level two and three heat-health alerts across the UK as temperatures are forecast to exceed heatwave thresholds over the course of the week. Parts of the UK saw the hottest day of the year so far on Wednesday with temperature highs of 28C, but Friday’s temperatures are due to peak at 32C, meaning many Britons will be taking to their gardens to enjoy it and for some, this involves setting up the paddling pool.

Paddling pools are a great method to lower your temperature and in this forecasted heat, you might need it.

But as much as cool water is mostly welcomed during these stifling periods, a freezing cold pool isn’t always appealing.

Bugs, who also find swimming pools attractive, like to make themselves present too when the pool is set up and although most don’t tend to be harmful, they do make the pool much less enjoyable.

So, how can you tackle both of these problems? There’s a simple trick to do it in one.

How to keep a paddling pool warm and bug-free

The simple trick comes in the form of a dark-coloured fitted sheet – or any large dark-coloured sheet that will span the surface of your paddling pool.

All you have to do is, when not in use, cover the pool with a dark, preferably black sheet.

The dark-coloured sheet will absorb the heat from the sun to warm up the pool while covering the expanse of water preventing bugs from intruding.

Dark colours absorb more heat because they absorb more light energy. The closer the colour is to black, the more light energy it will absorb.

Why does black absorb more heat?

An object gets its colour based on how much light it absorbs and reflects.

Light from the sun is referred to as “white light” because it combines all the colours of the visible light spectrum at equal intensity.

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This visible light spectrum includes the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Light travels in waves, which can be absorbed, reflected, scattered and bent.

For example, a leaf looks green because it reflects the green wavelength back to our eyes and absorbs all other colours.

If an object looks white, it means it’s reflecting all light waves and absorbing none, but if it looks black, it’s doing the opposite.

This means instead, it’s absorbing all the heat and reflecting much less – if any – of it.

As black absorbs the light, it’ll convert more heat. This is what makes a dark sheet the perfect and cheaper alternative to heat up your pool, as it enables the natural light to work its magic on the water temperature.

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