Houseplant pro shares 4 ‘perfect’ plants which need ‘little’ watering

Houseplants that are ‘impossible to kill’

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With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to think about introducing houseplants into the home. However, some varieties can be tricky to look after and need a lot of time and patience which can be off-putting. To help first time plant owners as well as those looking for a low maintenance indoor plant, an expert from 123 Flowers has shared which ones to go for.

123 Flowers’ plant expert Alex Biggart said: “People are really starting to see the benefit of having plants in your home. The PlantTok community on TikTok has over 2.5 billion views, and features people turning their homes into mini jungles.

“But don’t get discouraged if you’re still struggling to keep a plant alive, we’ve got you covered.

“Finding the right plant is like matchmaking. Plants all need different levels of care, which not everyone will realise when initially buying a new addition.

“So if you’re a newbie and haven’t been able to keep your leafy pet alive, don’t be discouraged, it might just not be your perfect match.”

1. Pineapple plant

According to the expert, those looking for low maintenance plants should look for ones which don’t need watering often, such as a pineapple plant or a succulent.

These varieties tend to only require watering monthly, even in the summer months when it is warmer weather.

Alex continued: “Pineapple plants have bags of personality and absorb water through their leaves, so they need little watering. They do, however, love light, so try to keep them by a window.

“Similarly, succulents, which are the tough cookies of the plant world, only need a sip of water. In fact, it’s over watering that often kills them. You should also expose these babies to plenty of indirect bright light.”

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2. Cactus

Most plants which require watering monthly also require their soil to dry out completely before their next drink. According to the pro, the cactus is the “ultimate survivor”, which loves being dry.

The plant expert recommended treating a cacti in the same way as succulents. He explained: “People often joke about how they struggle to keep a cactus alive, but their mistake was probably being a little too caring, and watering it far too often.

“Put this plant in a sunny spot, and leave it to soak up the rays. All it needs is a little bit of water monthly.”

It is important to note that Britons with children and pets should be careful with cacti. Cactus are not toxic if consumed, but their sharp spines make them hazardous.

3. Orchid

If you’re after a low maintenance plant which requires a little more care than pineapple plants and cacti, then it may be worth opting for an orchid.

Alex noted: “Orchids need a drink weekly, or biweekly. They love orchid feed once a week but this isn’t essential. This plant is best to keep in indirect light to thrive and add colour to your home all year.”

Orchids can also add some beautiful colour into the home, and are suited to high humidity rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

This houseplant is highly susceptible to root rot, meaning it is extremely important owners are careful when watering them.

To water an orchid correctly, water from above using tepid tap, rain or filtered water, making sure to allow it to drain before placing it back into its decorative pot.

4. Aloe vera

The expert continued: “Having a plant that is multi-functional might motivate you to keep it alive. Aloe vera is a beautiful plant, with healing properties too.

“Your aloe will only need watering when the soil has completely dried out. This adaptable plant could be a loyal companion for years, it might need repotting every 12 to 18 months to allow it to reach its full potential.”

Although these four houseplants are resilient, the pro advised keeping them in a routine, setting up a regular watering day and grouping some together to keep them happy and healthy.

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