Gardners urged to protect plants during heatwave with simple watering method

Gardening: How to create a watering tool for your plants

The summer had decided to end with a bang and lots of people are experiencing a heatwave or extremely high temperatures at the moment. A lot of gardeners are currently trying to protect their plants from the unrelenting sun, which can be difficult to do at all times as many people have work or other obligations.

Luckily, there are two very simple watering techniques that gardeners can use ahead of time that can help protect flowers, plants and other parts of the garden from the scorching hot afternoon sun. 

Joe Clark is an expert gardener who has exploded in popularity on social media by sharing his “lifelong passion of growing fruit and vegetables” and has explained the best watering methods to protect plants during a heatwave. 

It should be noted that the best time to water plants during a heatwave is before the sun has come out, so either in the early morning or late evening. Water is likely to evaporate before it reaches the roots during the peak heat, meaning the plants will not be water efficient. 

However, Joe has explained that it is easy to protect plants during the hot weather with the dampening down gardening trick as well as the simple drip irrigation system method, which only requires a bottle and some cotton buds. 

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How to dampen down your garden

In one video online, Joe explained that he had a “quick plant tip” for anyone experiencing the summer heat. 

Joe said: “Most of the plants we grow, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, love the heat. However, if this gets too high, they can start to run into some pretty severe problems.”  

“Luckily, this is super-easy to manage, using a method called damping down.”

Damping down is simply pouring lots of water on the floor around your plants in the morning; as the day goes on the water will evaporate and create enough humidity to save plants from the heat. 

However, Joe said there is also another method gardeners can try to create a humid climate. He said: “You can also fill up a small container of water too. As this water evaporates, up into the air, it will increase the humidity, which may be bad for us humans but will reduce the heat stress on your plants.” 

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How to create a drip irrigation system

Although it might sound complicated, it is very simple to create a drip irrigation system that will slowly release moisture onto your plants throughout the day and help them keep cool. It only requires a plastic juice bottle and some cotton buds. 

In another video, Joe explained: “Next time you pour out your last bit of drink from a bottle, instead of just throwing it away, keep a couple of spare bottles and grab some cotton swabs.”

In order to create the water device, Joe said: “Carefully poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle and the other one in the cap. Using your cotton swabs, snip them both in half and put one in the bottom hole and the other one in the top. 

“Fill up your bottle with water, and droplets will start to gall from the bottom swab. You can also remove the swab from the top to speed up these droplets.” 

According to Joe, a drip irrigation system will be able to water plants automatically, which is convenient for gardeners who cannot tend to their plants in the afternoon. 

It should be noted that any gardener deciding to simply spray down their garden with a hose should be careful, as it can be possible for the water to become boiling hot if it has not been drained properly. 

In one video, Joe said: “Any water that is trapped in your hose can be hot enough to burn you or your animals. So before you spray it… always let it run so there is no hot water left in the hose. When you are done, always leave attachments open to allow the water to drain.” 

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