Gardening tips: How to remove weeds from driveway cracks using household solutions

Gardening expert demonstrates how to get rid of weeds

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Weeds and unwanted plants in cracks can make driveways, pathways and hard surfaces look untidy. They can make the exterior of a home look unappealing and could put off potential buyers. Unlike weeds that grow in beds, borders and grass, weeds in cracks on hard surfaces are usually quite small.

Unsuitable growing conditions and shallow roots mean they don’t grow large but they can still spread seeds.

Dandelions, meadow grass and buttercups are often found in the cracks on hard surfaces.

Weeds in cracks can be harder to remove as they’re not easily pulled out by hand.

How can gardeners remove weeds from cracks?

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Weeding tools

Weeds with large tap roots in cracks may need to be removed using special tools.

While a trowel or fork may be good to use in beds and borders, these often don’t fit in tight cracks.

Instead, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) suggests using “dandelion weeders” or a “block paving knife”.

Smaller weeds can be removed using a “block paving brush”.

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Hoes can also be used for shallow-rooted weeds.

White vinegar solution

Using weed killers and herbicides may not be suitable for some gardeners, so instead they can use natural methods such as white vinegar.

White vinegar contains acetic acid which sucks the moisture out of weeds.

Pickling vinegar has a higher concentrate of this acid so may be more effective.

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White vinegar can be mixed with salt and washing up liquid to make an effective weed killer.

Mix the three products together in a spray bottle and apply it generously to the problem weeds.

Make sure not to get any of the solution on other plants.

Boiling water

Another solution for removing weeds is to use boiling water.

Not only is this a cheap method but it’s eco-friendly, natural and won’t impact the surrounding plant environment.

The hot temperature should kill the plant instantly.

Make sure to be careful when pouring the hot water.

Seal the cracks

Once the weeds are gone, seal the cracks to stop them returning.

Weeds can return to cracks over time if they’re not sealed.

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