Gardening jobs that burn the most calories – from mowing the lawn to raking weeds

Winter gardening tips

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While the mental and physical health benefits of gardening are no secret, new data has revealed that simple gardening tasks could be helping you burn as many calories as a workout. The study found everything from mowing the lawn to watering your plants could banish up to 435 calories – but which gardening tasks should you be doing to up your exercise?

With the average gym workout burning an average of 108-252 calories per hour, it seems that gardening is the new way to lose weight while in the comfort of your own home.

Kate Fromings from WhatShed told “With many people developing a love for gardening over lockdown, and as the gym isn’t for everyone, it’s exciting to learn that people can still get their daily exercise in without leaving their property.

“The idea that people are burning so many calories without realising it, may encourage people to stick with their gardening habits throughout winter, and even encourage others to start renovating and rejuvenating their back gardens, which is music to our ears!

Their study of 20 smart-watch wearing gardeners revealed an hour-long session in the garden could help women to burn as many as 300 calories and more than 400 calories for men.

Which gardening tasks burn the most calories?

The study found mowing the lawn produced the best results in terms of calories burnt per hour.

According to the data collected by WhatShed, tending to your lawn for one hour could burn:

  • Up to 435 calories for men
  • Up to 308 calories for women

Taking your time in the garden will keep you active for longer, so be sure to take it slow and steady when getting round to those odd jobs this autumn.

How many calories can you burn while gardening?

A survey of 1,400 Brits has revealed the top five gardening tasks, including mowing your lawn, which could help you lose weight.

While the calorie count differs for men and women, the results are still surprising when compared to the average gym workout.

Raking and bagging leaves

It’s the perfect time to get raking in the garden as the autumn leaves begin to cover patios and lawns across the country.

Raking and bagging up leaves was found to help male gardeners burn an average of 344 calories per hour and females, 241 calories per hour.

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Planting flowers, bulbs and seedlings

Time is almost up to plant winter bulbs, blooms and seedlings – but be sure to start planting ahead of Spring if you’re looking to slim down this winter.

Planting new growth in your garden could help you burn an average of 356 calories if you’re male – and 252 calories per hour if you’re female.


Tidying up your beds and borders is another surprisingly cardio-intensive task.

Weeding your garden could burn:

  • 198 calories per hour (male)
  • 140 calories per hour (female)

The ‘ultimate’ garden workout:

Replacing those dreaded workouts with the enjoyment of gardening is easily done with this fitness expert-approved garden routine.

This fitness-focused gardening routine uses a mixture of weight-bearing and resistance exercises that will leave your garden looking pristine.

Not only is this routine designed to burn extra calories, but it is also beneficial to your muscles and overall health, says WhatShed.

The average man could burn up to 340 calories, whilst the average woman could burn up to 240 using this gardening routine:

  • 15 minutes raking leaves
  • 20 minutes mowing the lawn
  • 10 minutes weeding
  • 15 minutes watering the plants

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