Gardening expert shares how to ensure weeds don’t ‘come back with a vengeance’

Gardening: Expert discusses 'why we weed'

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Gardening expert Alice Vincent has shared her advice for removing weeds in a 2019 YouTube video for Patch Plants. Alice said gardens are likely to need upkeep over time which includes watering, fertilising and weeding. Most gardeners will run into weeds at some point, whether it’s dandelions, thistles or charlock.

Removing weeds, especially from containers, is important as they can actually take energy away from your plants.

Weeds tend to sprout in containers when their seeds are carried away by the wind.

Alice explained why weeding, as well as pruning and deadheading is an “essential part” of gardening.

She said: “Weeding, pruning and deadheading is an essential part of keeping your urban garden looking lovely and encouraging new growth.

“Because you’re outdoors, lots of plants and seeds can end up in places where you might not want them to be.

“Squirrels, birds and the natural process of germination means you can end up with all sorts of random plants in pots that you never really thought you put there.

“That’s probably because you didn’t.

“What these plants are doing though is taking energy away from the plant that you actually want to grow in your pot so it’s really important to get rid of them.

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“This is the basics of why we weed.”

The gardening expert said weeds can steal space, light, nutrients and water from container plants.

If you spot one, it’s best to remove it as soon as possible.

Alice showed viewers a pot plant that had a weed growing in its soil.

She continued: “So this seedling, for instance, is an interloper in this pot.

“We don’t really want it in here so I’m just going to pull it out now.

“It’s important when you weed not to just kind of grab at the leaves of the plant you don’t want in.

“Instead you really need to make sure that you carefully tease out the entire plant including the root system and the longest tap root in there.

“That means it won’t come back with a vengeance next time.

“You might not get that many other plants in your containers.

“But when you see one don’t be afraid to pull it out.

“If it’s not meant to be there and it’s taking energy away from the plant you want.”

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