‘Can be grown by anyone’: Houseplant expert shares ‘perfect’ plant for beginners

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Houseplants can add colour and energy to a room, as well as providing hidden benefits. They can boost mood, remove toxins from the air and improve a person’s wellbeing. However, looking after a plant means also keeping them happy.

Light, humidity, watering and where they’re placed are all key to a plant’s survival.

Mr Plant Geek, also known as Michael Perry, has shared which houseplants are “perfect” for beginners.

He said in a 2019 video for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) that these plants can be grown by “absolutely anyone”.

Mr Plant Geek said: “Cacti and succulents absolutely love a sunny windowsill so they can be grown by absolutely anyone.

“They’re low-maintenance, drought-tolerant and make easy-to-grow houseplants.

“They’re fascinating, highly collectible and available in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes.

“They like low moisture, dry air, good drainage and high temperatures.

“Too much water can stunt growth but too little water can cause shrivelling.

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“So keep a close eye on your cacti and give them all the care they need.

“They’re a perfect entry level houseplant for a sunny window so why not pick one up.”

Succulent plants are drought resistant plants that are known for their thick, fleshy parts.

They can usually retain water in dry, hot climates.

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The plants usually store water in their leaves and stems.

Popular types of succulent include Jade plants, aloe vera, snake plants and zebra plants.

Aloe vera is known for its medicinal purposes and produces a gel-like substance that can be used to treat burns.

It’s also used in lotions, drinks and cosmetics.

There are some 1,750 known species of cacti, which means gardeners have plenty to choose from.

Most cacti live in extremely dry environments and can conserve water.

Many cacti don’t need much water and need a good amount of light.

Some of the best cacti to grow indoors include the Saguaro cactus, bishop’s cap, the Christmas cactus and the barrel cactus.

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