Biggest mistake gardeners make when mowing their lawns – ‘grass is struggling to survive’

Good Morning Britain: Richard Madeley shows his brown lawn

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Many people’s lawns may be coming back to life now as the UK’s heatwaves come to an end. Weeks of dry, hot weather have meant that many gardeners’ lawns are looking a little worse for wear with brown, dry patches. To ensure lawns stay in good shape, award-winning horticulturist and presenter Michael Perry, AKA Mr Plant Geek, has shared his lawn mowing, and general lawn care tips in partnership with Taskrabbit.

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The gardening expert exclusively told that gardeners often cut their lawns “too low” which can cause grass to “struggle”.

He explained: “People cut their lawns too low first of all, and so they’re kind of cutting them very short and that means that the grass is kind of always struggling to survive.

“It’s not actually developing, it’s not actually giving you branching that gives you that density of cover.”

Michael said gardeners often don’t feed their lawns or water them at the right time of year.

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A few torrential downpours of rain is not going to be enough to keep a lawn happy.

“A lot of people think their lawn is going to be great just with rainfall, but it’s actually a real benefit to feed your lawn as well”, he said.

“Especially earlier in the season because that can encourage deeper rooting.

“And of course, with that deeper rooting the lawn is actually accessing more water.

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“You’re going to have stronger roots, which means the lawn is not only going to be healthier above ground, but it’s also going to hold onto that greenness later in the season as well.

“Many people worry about brown lawns and they’re wondering, ‘has my lawn died?’.

“It very often hasn’t died but it’s kind of gone into protection mode and you’ll find there is green right down at the base but it’s not even visible to you.

“But if you had a lawn that was deeper rooting lot happier, a lot greener then you probably can beat that summer drought and that summer brownness as well.

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“So it’s really about feeding, making sure it’s well-watered.

“Just make sure the lawn is happy and healthy.”

People often worry about having weeds in their lawns.

However, Michael said if a lawn is healthy, weeds won’t have a change to develop because the lawn is too strong to allow the weeds through.

Michael also said lawn owners should try to “keep on top of mowing” if they can.

It’s a good idea to mow lawns “little and often”.

“So don’t take too much off because then you’re obviously not scalping it each time,” he said.

“It’s not trying to survive. That ensures there’s more branching and deeper rooting as well.”

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