Before + After: Compare the Rooms in the Real Brady Bunch House to the Spaces from the Show

All six original Brady Bunch siblings reunited for the first time in 15 years earlier this month at the iconic home that served as the facade of their house on the hit sitcom.  Although only the home’s exterior was used for filming — the interior scenes were all filmed on a sound stage — the castmates will partner with some of HGTV’s biggest stars to renovate the house to match the real deal—both inside and out—for a new TV show, A Very Brady Renovation.

The show isn’t set to air until late 2019, but their room-by-room reno plans have already been announced. Click through to see what the house looks like now, and how it should appear once the transformation is complete. 

The only part of the North Hollywood home — as it is today — that will look familiar to Brady Bunch viewers is the exterior facade, which remains nearly identical to how it appeared in the ’60s.

Chris Knight (Peter Brady) will pair up with Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott to perfect the home’s exterior.

“Right now, the front facade is pretty similar, but there are some things that’ll change—especially the landscaping,” Jonathan told PEOPLE exclusively. “We’ve all divvied up different areas of the house and it’s exciting for us to see.”

The real abode features is a split level, meaning that currently, the iconic Brady house staircase leading to the second floor is nowhere to be found.

Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan, 40, will work on the living room (and add a staircase) alongside Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady, and Maureen McCormick, who portrayed Marcia.

The living room was a place where all the Brady kids could be spotted together on the show.

Aside from the similar fireplace, the living room’s design completely differs from that of the set, meaning they’ll have to add in a staircase, brick walls, and eliminate the windows for an exact replica.

“All the sets were on one level so when they used to walk up those stairs, it was a dead end,” Jonathan told PEOPLE. “When it’s done, [the cast will] be able to come into this house, walk up the stairs and go to their bedrooms that they had when they were kids.”

With Good Bones‘ Mina Starsiak Hawke and Karen E. Laine at the helm, Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) will lead the changes to one bedroom which will transform the space into what was once Cindy, Marcia and Jan’s shared room in the show.

“The bedroom is all part of the new construction portion so we have this blank canvas,” Starsiak says.

“We just have to have the right paint on the walls, the right carpet on the floors,” E Laine adds.

After visiting the original Brady house, Olsen, 57, said she feels vindicated. 

As a little girl starring the show, she explained to PEOPLE, she was told by the production team that the house looked just like the set inside.

“I racked my brains trying to figure out how that could possibly be…” Olsen recalls. “I was lied to. It hurt my feelings all those years ago. There’s a nine-year-old inside of me saying, ‘See, see, I was right!’”

Now, Olsen will get to see the bedroom she once spent so much time in come to life inside the original home — complete with pink and blue wallpaper!

The retro dining space does have a similar design to the one on set, including a counter separating it from the kitchen

Knight and the Property Brothers will recreate the space to make it look as similar to the original as possible.

“Our responsibility is that we don’t screw this up,” Drew told PEOPLE with a laugh. “In the end, we want to make sure that what we do is exactly what this house should look like.”

With similar countertops, the most notable changes to the dining space will likely include tearing out the overhead cabinets and downsizing the eat-in counter to expand the dining space. The group will also probably trade out the paint, wallpaper, and update the home’s flooring.

“The house is America’s home,” Knight said. “We’re the last quintessential representation of the ideal American family.”

Restored By the Fords siblings Leanne and Steve Ford will lead the renovations for the kitchen, alongside Eve Plumb, who played middle daughter Jan.

To transform the kitchen, the group will need to expand the room through new construction, since the real home is smaller than the set. 

The kitchen — the key space for Brady maid Alice Nelson (played by Ann B. Davis) — featured bright avocado and orange colors.

Leanne says the design of the Brady’s space contributed her own home renovation habits today.

“I think the Brady house influenced my style more than I’m realizing, just even looking back at pictures,” Leanne said. “Mid-century is such a massive part of what we do and how we design, so this is our main influence.”

Starsiak and Laine will also team up with Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) to recreate the boys’ bedroom — bunks and all. 

For Lookinland, 57, continuing the legacy of the Brady Bunch is important.

“This was a long time coming,” he said. “I think they really nailed it as far as this being a good idea at a good time. The show has never gone away since day 1 in 1968. It’s never not been part of my life. This is just another step down that road.”

The room’s most significant renovations will come as they change the wall covering to wood paneling as well as the, windows, and curtains.

As the HGTV mother-daughter duo work to recreate the space once occupied by Peter, Bobby and Greg, they’re reminded of their own family.

“People come up to us and say, ‘We really like your show and we like how you show your blended family, we feel like we’re part of your family,’” Starsiak said. “It kind of feels that way with [the Brady’s].”

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