Aspirin can ‘supercharge’ your tomato plants into producing more fruit – how it works

Alan Titchmarsh offers tips on watering tomato plants

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When it comes to planting crops, tomato plants are a firm favourite in the UK. The plants are easy to grow and can produce an abundance of fruit if they’re cared for correctly. Now, founder of GardeningExpress Chris Bonnett has shared his hacks for “supercharging” tomato plants into producing more fruit.

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The gardening expert said there are a “few hacks” gardeners can use.

He exclusively told “First thing, when you’ve got your tomato plants, try and get them in small pots before you plant them out into bigger containers or in the ground.

“Get them to about 15cm tall, then by that stage, they will probably have six or eight leaves.

“Then remove the lower half of the plant’s leaves. When you plant it, plant it deep because that stem you cover with compost is going to then explode with more roots and that means more feed for the plant going in which can boost your yields.”

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Chris said there are some “unofficial studies” which claim using aspirin can help tomato plants become more resistant to pests and disease.

Aspirin can reportedly improve plant growth, help plants produce tomatoes more quickly and improve the total yield.

The gardening expert shared how to use aspirin to care for tomato plants.

He said: “If you get one or two aspirin in a watering can, you can spray the plants with the solution and water them as well.

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“That produces an immune response in the plant. Salicylic acid in the plant basically supercharges the plant against pests and disease and helps it become more resistant.”

Some experts suggest soaking tomato seedlings in an aspirin mix before planting them.

Another similar “trick” gardeners can use is Epsom salts which are often used in baths.

Chris suggested putting a couple of tablespoons of Epsom salts into a watering can and watering them with it once a week.

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He continued: “That boosts magnesium in the compost or soil which they really like as well.

“That helps with pest and disease resistance and helps the yield.

“It also makes them more resistant to drying out.”

The plant pro also shared the “key” to caring for tomatoes in containers.

He said keeping the container tomato plants well-watered is important, especially in hot weather.

When the weather is particularly hot and when they have fruit on them, he suggested filling a large saucer up with water.

Put the plant pot into the saucer in the morning so the plants can absorb the water when necessary.

Chris said the hot weather will “stress the plant” and could potentially “reduce the yield”.

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