9 mid-century modern homeware buys for a sleek and stylish look

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Tables, footstools, magazine racks and more, these mid-century homeware pieces promise to give your home the Mad Men update you’ve been dreaming of.

We’ve all been there; losing ourselves in the Mad Men mayhem, wishing with every morsel of our being to be alive back in the 50s – not so much to be swamped by blatant misogyny, but to just swan around with fabulous hair and wear fabulous dresses in a fabulously decked out house.

In fact, it’s precisely the homeware of Mad Men, the hit TV series set (mostly) in the 60s, that is all too easy to adopt in today’s times. 

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Modern mid-century interiors, whether it be chairs, tables or vases, are everywhere, and thanks to the pared-back minimalism and slick gilded gold edges, frankly, we can’t get enough.

Whatever you’re looking to upgrade in your home, there’s a strong chance that one of these oh-so-covetable pieces of mid-century homeware might just itch the scratch.  

  • Homary Mid Century Chest Cabinet

    Mid-century modern homeware: Homary Mid Century Chest Cabinet.

    Simple and sophisticated, this ash wood cabinet from Homary would make a brilliant addition to an entryway or living room. Add a trailing plant to the edge for extra style.

    Shop Homary Mid Century Cabinet at Ufurnish, £344.99


  • Perch & Parrow Benjamin Large Half Sphere Table Lamp in Gold

    Mid-century modern homeware: Perch & Parrow Benjamin Large Half Sphere Table Lamp in Gold.

    Add a touch of character to your home with the help of this eye-catching table lamp from Perch & Parrow. The retro domed pendant and slim stand give this piece an effortlessly cool mid-century vibe.

    Shop Perch & Parrow Benjamin Large Half Sphere Table Lamp in Gold at Ufurnish, £145


  • Habitat mid-century embossed jug

    Habitat mid-century embossed jug

    This sweet mustard-toned vase is equally perfect being used as a water vessel as it is a home for your favourite bunch of flowers.

    Shop Habitat mid-century embossed jug, £12.25


  • Bombinate Retrostar chair

    Bombinate Retrostar chair

    Do you have a corner of your home that you feel needs a bit of a spruce? This off-lime chair with its wooden armrests is the perfect way to give it a bit of life. Simply adorn with fun cushions for a seriously chic mid-century look.

    Shop Bombinate Retrostar chair, £265


  • Soho Home Monnier bathroom mirror

    Soho Home Monnier bathroom mirror

    Not all mirrors were created equally, and this achingly chic number is proof. While far from purse-friendly, it’s an investment piece that, to us, is very much worth ushering into your home.

    Shop Soho Home Monnier bathroom mirror, £635


  • Swoon Ziggy TV stand

    Swoon Ziggy TV stand

    Forget keeping your TV on the floor. It’s all about a TV stand and this smart gold offering is a wonderful option to give yours a stylish home.

    Shop Swoon Ziggy TV stand, £449


  • La Redoute Topim vintage desk

    La Redoute Topim vintage desk

    Working from home may well be hanging in the balance as of the end of this month, but that’s not to say we haven’t learned the virtues of having a sturdy desk in our homes over the last year.

    Shop La Redoute Topim vintage desk, £460


  • Habitat mid-century magazine rack

    Habitat mid-century magazine rack

    If you keep your magazines piled up on the floor, then you’re very much doing it wrong. Adopt a chic magazine rack for a great and very cool alternative.

    Shop Habitat mid-century magazine rack, £42


  • Atkin & Thyme Calvin armchair in mustard yellow

    Atkin & Thyme Calvin armchair in mustard yellow

    Perfect for cosying up in on drizzly evenings, this mustard-toned chair would have Don Draper weak at the knees and it’s not hard to see why.

    Shop Atkin & Thyme Calvin armchair in mustard yellow, £449


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