10 sculptural mirrors that will become the focal point of any room

Ditch plain mirrors for a sculptural and striking design  and here are 10 that we would recommend.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best home decor style of them all?

That’s the question you’ll be rhetorically asking yourself each day with this selection of 10 bold sculptural mirrors.

From candyfloss pink arches to art deco-inspired masterpieces, these mirrors will spruce up your space no matter where you place them.

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  • Ferm pond mirror large

    Sculptural mirrors: Ferm pond mirror large

    Function and design combine when it comes to this pond mirror by Ferm. The mirror’s shape is inspired by how water moves freely and it can be hung both vertically and horizontally in any room.

    Shop Ferm pond mirror large at Nordic Nest, £196


  • Tikamoon Cleo Mindi wood mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: Tikamoon Cleo Mindi wood mirror

    This elegant design is made of solid, natural and sustainable white cedar and will be a striking yet subtle addition to your space.

    Shop Tikamoon Cleo Mindi wood mirror, £155


  • Kristina Dam half mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: Kristina Dam half mirror

    The half moon mirror by Kristina Dam is a unique piece that is both beautiful and practical. It uses white and oak with a pristine mirror to create both a sculptural and modern aesthetic for an everyday makeup mirror. 

    Shop Kristina Dam half mirror at Beut, £45.04


  • Luxe snake mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: Luxe snake mirror

    Be seduced by this striking gold snake mirror from Luxe. Both decorative and functional, this large round mirror features a sculptural snake frame coiled around the mirror and is ideal for hanging above a dressing table or chest of drawers.

    Shop Luxe snake mirror at Amara, £140


  • Audrey Rose small wavy mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: Audrey Rose small wavy mirror

    Wavy mirrors were all the rage in 2021, and this trend is set to continue in 2022. If you’re looking to embrace it this year, start with this small wavy mirror by Audrey Rose.

    Shop Audrey Rose small wavy mirror at Etsy, £180


  • Norah midi arch mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: Norah midi arch mirror

    Handmade by Katie Gillies in Nottingham, this midi arch mirror will add a splash of pastel colour to your space and will be the perfect update to any surface or dressing table.

    Shop Norah midi arch mirror, £65


  • James Shaw plastic baroque mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: James Shaw plastic baroque mirror

    If you’re looking to spend a pretty penny on a standout mirror, this design from James Shaw is just the one. This baroque wall mirror is hand-formed from recycled HDPE plastic using an extrusion gun of Shaw’s own design, making it sustainable, unique and destined to be the focal point of any room.

    Shop James Shaw plastic baroque mirror at Liberty, £500


  • Choice Furniture Superstore Deknudt Anna White wall mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: Choice Furniture Superstore Deknudt Anna White wall mirror

    This classical design will add old school glamour to your bedroom or living room thanks to its grand design.

    Shop Choice Furniture Superstore Deknudt Anna White wall mirror at UFurnish, £270.00


  • Wayfair accent mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: Wayfair accent mirror

    This unusual mirror successfully combines both form and function to create a very practical piece of wall art. The eye-catching design features a sturdy, angular, wedge-shaped metal frame with an integrated metal shelf that is ideal for holding candles, flower vases, photo frames, trinkets, delightful accent items or toiletries.

    Shop Wayfair accent mirror at UFurnish, £58.99


  • Gallery Direct Dawes round mirror

    Sculptural mirrors: Gallery Direct Dawes round mirror

    Looking for a truly unique mirror style? Get your hands on the Dawes round mirror from Gallery Direct. This abstract mirror consisting of small square mirrors is the true definition of a statement mirror, thanks to expert craftsmanship and unmatched creativity.

    Shop Gallery Direct dawes round mirror at Style Our Home, £95


Images: courtesy of brands

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