You can now buy eggchup – a squeezable runny egg yolk sauce

Are you a ketchup or a mayo person? Perhaps you’re into brown sauce, or maybe you’re flying the flag for BBQ.

Well, let us introduce you to a new condiment that could be a game changer for your bacon sarnies.

Introducing eggchup. You’d be right to think ‘that’s just mayonnaise’ but you’d be very, very wrong.

The new offering from sausage brand Heck is a squeezable runny egg yolk made up of two simple ingredients – eggs and salt.

If you’re having a sandwich but can’t be bothered to get out a pan to fry (or boil) some eggs, simply squirt the eggchup and away you go.

And it’s not just eggs they’re putting in a bottle. Heck has been keeping busy, figuring out how to turn another fave British staple into bottle form.

As part of their breakfast sauce rage, the brand came up with what they’re calling the world’s first baked bean ketchup called Beanchup.

This condiment is made from tomato and haricot beans in a mixture of spices.

They even have a Secret Sausage Society who try and products – they had an overwhelmingly positive response to the new offerings.

Calum Smith, the creator of the sauce, and Heck’s new product development manager, said eggchup is winning people over thanks to its effortless use.

He said: ‘The Secret Sausage Society are tough critics, but many have been telling us it feels like they are eating a full English breakfast, but all they’ve had to do is add the sauce, rather than rustle up more pots and pans.’

One to try with your next fry-up?

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