We're Already Obsessed With Starbucks' New Holiday Merchandise

Starbucks has finally brought back its holiday beverages (yasssss eggnog latte!), and, even better, they’ve just introduced new holiday season merchandise to match it. While we’re totally enamored of this year’s Starbucks disposable holiday cups, which feature four festive designs, we’re even more excited about the coffee chain’s new reusable cup and gift options for 2019.

First and foremost, Starbucks has released two new reusable cup sets, one for hot beverages and one for cold.

The hot, 6-cup set ($11.95) is in an ombre array of colors from red to orange to pink, each of which is emblazoned with a cozy slogan like “coffee all the way,” “merry coffee,” and “roasty and toasty.”

The cold, 5-cup set ($16.95) is equally adorable, featuring bright colors, more cute slogans, and swirl-striped reusable straws.

You could get either set and use them to give gifts to multiple people, or you could keep the set for yourself so you have a new cup for every day of the week and don’t have to do dishes until Friday. Lazy? Yes. Effective? Even more so. And they’re safe to use in the top rack of your dishwasher! You also save 10 cents every time you bring your own cup, so eventually, these babies will pay for themselves. You’ll have to buy a lot of lattes to do so, but any excuse to sip a seasonal beverage instead of your office’s stale K-Cup coffee, right?

There are other giftable items to be had at your local Starbucks, too, from a “hand warmer” mug ($9.95) to glitzy Mercury Flake cold cups ($19.95).

Is it greedy to say WE WANT THEM ALL??

Starbucks fans will also be pleased to know that on November 14th, Starbucks is celebrating a buy-one, get-one-free Happy Hour that includes any holiday drinks or handcrafted drinks size grande or larger, so bring your reusable cups and get ready to enjoy.

These festive cups are available to purchase now at all Starbucks locations.

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