Watch Candace Cameron Bure Taste-Test A BUNCH Of Trader Joe's Holiday Treats

Listen up, Candace Cameron Bure reads ALL the nutrition facts. And you cannot fake her out with healthy-looking packaging.

The actress and author of the new book Candace Center Stage came by to taste some holiday treats from Trader Joe’s. And, though she’s not opposed to a holiday sugar rush, she’s just likes to be prepared for it, and TBH, I don’t blame her.

Following an inspection of the cute box of gingerbread oat bars, Candace was skeptical. And after a taste, she determined they were just gingerbread cookies posing as a kid-friendly healthy snack. “Don’t let the cute little polar bear fool you—or the name oat bar,” she warned, but that didn’t stop her from admitting, “it tastes really good.”

When charged with the task of sampling an assortment of chocolate-covered goodies, a new bar was set. “With a name like Jingle Jangle it’s got to be good,” Candace said about the packaging. But when she went in for the chocolate-y pretzel, she wasn’t too impressed. What brought her around: the salty/sweet balance of the chocolate-covered popcorn she went for next.

After thoughtful deliberation, though, it was the Pfeffernüsse— spiced cookies topped with powdered sugar—that won the day. “Those are delicious because it’s not super-sweet,” she said. And while she thought the cookies might pair nicely with tea, it wasn’t enough to assume. So, Candace got a cup to try the combo IRL, and she was right. If that’s not commitment to holiday snacking, then I don’t know what is.

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