Want delicious wines at discount prices? Welcome to the Metro Wine Club

If you’re a big fan of wine, then you’re in luck as Metro is thrilled to announce the launch of the Metro Wine Club, an exclusive service that brings readers the inside track and great savings on world-class craft wines.

In celebration, we’ve hand-picked this special launch selection with our friend and wine expert Jane Parkinson. These are not your typical supermarket bottles but truly unique, hand-crafted wines from some of the most gifted, independent winemakers for just £4.99 a bottle!

Our debut case includes a richly fruited Malbec, a crisp Chenin Blanc and much more.

Plus there’s a free bottle of beautiful Italian bubbly and free express delivery, too – all for just £59.88.

Also available as an all-red or all-white selection, this case acts as the perfect introduction to Virgin Wines’ WineBank service, which includes benefits such as £1 extra for every £5 saved, free express delivery on all wine orders and, importantly, total flexibility – no contract or membership fees, you’re in charge!

Metro Wine Club editor Jane Parkinson shares her top picks

Think of the wine world as an Aladdin’s cave of grape varieties waiting to be discovered. If you want to quickly up your wine game, then just know this – being more savvy about grapes will help you find the dazzling wine gems that your palate is hankering after.

This is where I come in as your guide to the Metro Wine Club alongside Virgin Wines, helping you get to flavour nirvana by breaking down some of wine’s idiosyncratic barriers.

In this case, dropping the bombshell that some of the grapes we already know and love actually go by multiple names, leading a double, sometimes triple or quadruple, life under our very noses.

Exhibit number one is shiraz, which, cue drum roll… is exactly the same grape as syrah. The choice of name depends on where it’s made and how it tastes. This grape’s spiritual homeland – where it’s only called syrah – is France’s Rhône Valley. But as it crossed the waters to the sunny shores of places like Australia and South Africa, it became known as shiraz.

Outside of France then, if it’s punchy and jammy it’s a shiraz, but if it’s mellow and savoury it’s more likely to be syrah.

Love pinot grigio? How about pinot gris? We’re talking about the same grape. In France it’s gris and in Italy it’s grigio. So again it comes down to taste. If it’s all zingy lemons, crunchy apples and light on its feet you have a grigio, if it’s richer and tastes of honey, or if it’s sweet, then it’s a gris.

Join me on metro.co.uk as I guide you through the most unusual corners of the wine world, but first, get started by signing up to the Virgin Wines Metro Wine Club. Here are my top picks from the launch case – and what to pair them with.

Vitalita Pinot Grigio

A zesty Italian classic that ping-pongs around your palate with mouth-watering lemon sherbet flavours. It’s just as good with carbonara as it is with sushi.

Usually £8.99, £4.99 in the launch case

Billy Bosch Highwire Chenin Blanc

A foodie’s must-have thanks to all its moreish apple flavours, it loves everything from a classic roast chicken to noodles with a satay sauce.

Usually £10.99, £4.99 in the launch case

The Watchmaker Tourbillion Reserve Malbec

A winter hug of a red, with deep comforting flavours of blackcurrants, black cherries and nutmeg spice. Perfect with burgers or an aubergine bake.

Usually £11.99, £4.99 in the launch case

Our Metro Wine Club partner

Wine lovers unite (Picture: Getty Images)

What would happen if a wine retailer with more than 700 bottles available to buy online read each review and sent the feedback to its independent winemakers who then tweaked the blends in response to what the customers said?

It’s the ultimate in listening to your feedback.

Welcome to Virgin Wines, one of the biggest direct-to-consumer wine retailers in the UK and the proud partner to the all-new Metro Wine Club. Its unique approach to giving wine lovers what they really want helped it win Online Drinks Retailer Of The Year 2022.

With a quarter of its imported wines being bottled in the UK and boxes made from 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable paper, it’s planet-conscious too. Chin chin to that!

To order, visit Virgin Wines or call 0343 224 1001 quoting VF2191. You must be 18 years of age or over to buy alcohol. New customers only, one case per customer. For full terms and conditions, click here

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